Sadda Haq 15th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Arjun says please forgive me papa. I am trying. Kritika peeks in, a man is in with him. He hits him with belt. Arjun says I will do it. He hits him and says you can’t do anything. this is all because of your mom. you can’t do anything. Arjun says I am trying. Kritika is shocked. The straps him belts.
Sanyu says where is aryan? She sees him packing gun and leaving. Sanyu says he has weapons and so will they? I should inform police. No way. Who can help Aryan. She runs out and collides with randhir. She says sorry and goes out.
Aryan leaves on his bike. Sanyu comes out but he has left already. Sanyu takes auto and follows him.
Randhir comes to lab and sees sumit watching his design. He says sorry. Randhir says you can have a look don’t worry. Randhir watches a watch that is stuck with his shirt. He recalls its sanyu’s. Sumit says this is sanyu’s right? Randhir says can you return her? He says yes. He asks where is she? randhir says probably poking her nose in someone else’ matter.

Sanyu and Aryn reach the site one after another.
Randhir sits down to work. Sumit says this watch is not working. Randhir fixes it. Sanyu comes inside the building.
Sumit says this wont work I guess. randhir tries fixing. He says its sanyu’s how can it work properly. Sanyu says I should call police. but that will be too late. Sanyu sees a girl fainted and roped. She tries to release her. Two men come in and sanyu faints as well.
Randhir drops sanyu’s watch.

The men are laughing. He says let me give this good news to boss. the man comes in his room. He sees Aryan there. He says who are you? Aryan says you are dharminder, he tells him all details. He says you make adult videos. I know everything. Dharminder says you bl**dy, he tries to throttle him. Aryan hits him with a laptop. Aryan says no alarm will work. ask your men to relax. His guard comes in and says boss we have two girls.. He sees aryan. Aryan hits them. He points gun at dharminder. He says let me go, take as much money as you want. Aryan says take me to those girls.
Aryan comes in and is shocked to see sanyu. Someone hits him on back, they grasp him. Dharminder says so you are dark shadow. Aryan says saanyu.. The guard says we will kill him. Dharminder says he must have given proofs to polices. I will kill and burn this girl and you wont be able to do anything.
He throws petrol on sanyu. Randhir is fixing the watch. Sanyu opens her eyes. She sees aryan. The man is about to set sanyu on ablaze.

Precap-He drops the matchstick Aryan holds it. Later aryan says to sanyu you get admission in ISRC that is why I came here not that you put our lives in danger. I am warning you last time don’t interfere in my business. Sumit says you should thank randhir for the watch, he repaired it too. Sanyu comes to randhir in cafe.

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