Sadda Haq 15th April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Randhir says there can’t be anything better, thank you so much. Nirman says be careful while facing sanyu in the race I wont stop her.
Sanyu comes home. Ankit comes out and says stay here. Papa is already mad at you stay here. Sanyu says he would be,I broke his trust how will I face him. Agarwal comes out. He says again late? Why don’t you pick call? You don’t receive time. Pandit ji gave chotu a list and he didn’t bring stuff. Come in pundit ji waiting. Sanyu says pooja for? He says we have a new factory so its pooja for that. Sanyu comes in. Sanyu says i wanted to say we tried a lot but that asteroid.. Agarwal says start the pooja first. Sanyu starts the pooja.

A man is roped on chair. Aryan stops car near him. He says were you saying something? And your car.The man says who are you and what you want? Aryan says what would that help you? I am very boring. Not interesting like you. He tells him his details. The man says I will give you whatever you want.

Becky gets a call. Arjun comes and says okay i stop calling and came.She takes him to side. He says relax. Becky says according to rules ISRC employees can only have professional relationship with each other. Arjun says you wanna come in a relationship so soon? She says I don’t ever want to be. He says why you ignore my calls? Because you feel shy? She says forget what happened last night. Nothing is more important that work. and you are worse than I thought.

Aryan says your next generations will pay lone of 90 crore.Call your son. If those 90 crores don’t go to villagers I will be worse to you. SAnjeev says what you got by destroying me?Aryan says satisfaction. Sanjeev says whole system is corrupt. You will know it when you grow old. Aryan says I have plenty of time, you better practice being 70.

Sanyu gives chotu sweets. Sarpanj leaves. He says I told everyone sanyu will handle it. Agarwal says sanyu did her best. No one could stop it. sarpanj says i didn’t mean that.Agarwal says I will arrange money don’t worry. sanyu is hearing all that. Sanyu says I am reallyy.. He says don’t say anything. Wont you give me sweets. She gives him a sweet. He says a tea would make it better. SAnyu says I am bringing it.
Agarwal opens the news. It says someone unknown transferred 90 crore to funds of villager relief. He sent a message if govt doesn’t do their work. We will. Sanyu says in heart I know who that is. She texts aryan thank you.

Nirman has called everyone. They come to cabin.There is something written on board.Randhir comes in too. Sanaya says do you know why he called us? Randhir says to select lead astronaut. Nirman comes in.He says so decided who will participate? Its a though competition. It will require your 100% contribution. Where are other 2 people of the team? You will know what you have to do.They leave.
Mrs. Subri says aren’t you selecting lead astronaut to early? They are all new. Nirman says who you think will win it? She says randhir I guess. He says me too.Nirman says if he has to win this he has to control his emotion.
Sanyu comes with tea. Agarwal is discussing missile with ankit. Sanyu says how you know all this?He says i read it on internet. My daughter will become an engineer. Sanyu says now team will go there and collect its remains.
Nirman comes on tv.Nirman says soon we will choose our lead astronaut. Sanyu says what. She calls kritika. Kritka says he called a meeting but didn’t say anything. Nirman says as soon as our selection is finalized we will let you know.Agarwal says I know it will be you. Last time when you were leading dream team I couldn’t come but this time I will be there cheering you name.sanyu hugs him and says thank you papa.

Precap-Sanyu comes back to ISRC he scares sanyu. He says I see fear on your face instead of desperation to win. You killed the old randhir and new one can kill anyone for his motive. Joy and everyone throw sanyyu’s stuff out.sanyu says why are you throwing my stuff out.Who asked you to.

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