Sadda Haq 14th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Joy takes out a screw, and then a few other. Its Arjun next. He he touches the ring and it sparks. Arjun starts again. It sparks more and smoke comes out. He leaves it and comes out. He throws the driver at box all of it blasts. A sparking piece comes near sanyu, randhir holds it. Sanaya says is your hand burnt? Randhir says no I am fine. Aryan says thanks. Randhir leaves. Nirman says in heart there should be someone to challenge their mental balance.
Arjun comes to his room in anger. He throws away stuff. He recalls his officer saying you are a failure. You can’t do anything in life.
Aryan says to sanyu I will meet you in a while. He leaves. Aryan comes to his room. He works on cracking. He says all your data will be transferred to my network. He opens his laptop and says some tried to hack my laptop? It will be that person’s last hacking. He finds it sanyu. He says you shouldn’t have done this. Don’t you understand how dangerous it is.

Joy comes in room and sees Arjun depressed. He says hey Arjun leave it, relax. It was just a task and a stupid one. Forget it. Its not worth it. Arjun stands up. Joy says you will get many more chances. arjun shoves Joy. Randhir holds him. Arjun says you wanna hurt me? Hit me. It will be a task for you, you have no idea what he will.. He stops. Randhir says listen, whats wrong? arjun leaves in anger. Joy says whom was he was talking about?

Aryan comes in sanyu’s room. sanyu says I was unpacking all this. Aryan shows her the phone. She says actually.. I am really sorry. I am really worried. You were not telling me about your risky mission. I thought I could help you. If you are concealing something from me it must be something really dangerous. I thought you would need my support. Aryan says dark shadow doesn’t need anyone’s support. Stay out of it sanyu. He says in heart I need you badly but I can’t risk your life. He leaves.
Randhir recalls when Renuka tried to stop him but he didn’t. He suddenly wakes up saying mom.. He comes in corridor. Randhir comes to girls’ room and tries sits on a bed. He places his head on the pillow and sleeps there. He says I never told you whenever I feel weak I need your support. the way you comfort me no one else can. You are pillar of my life, most important part of my life. Its sanyu not sanaya. Tears drop on her foot. Randhir covers her foot and leaves. Sanyus gets up. Sanaya is outside in tears. Randhir comes out in corridor. Sanyu is in shock as well.

Sanyu is alseep. Sanaya comes out of shower. Sanyu recalls last night. She says should I tell her last night.. Sanaya says sanyu can I have blow dryer please? sanyu gives her. Sanyu says you woke up early? sanaya says I was not sleepy. Sanyu sees Aryan’s text I have urgent work wont be meeting today. Sanaya says you look lost. Sanyu says I am fine. Sanyu says can I ask you something? If you friend is in dangerous situation, you wanna help him but he doesn’t involve you because he is worried for you as well. Sanaya says I will give him a lecture first and just like he is worried you are concerned as well. Do what your heart says. He will just be mad. He will be okay. sanyu says are you sure? She says very sure.
Aryan is working. He says dharminder I will trace your down. Sanyu texts him where are you? He says I need to focus. We can’t talk unless this is done.

Precap-sanyu sees Aryan going somewhere, she sees him taking gun with him.

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