Sadda Haq 14th April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Arjun says to Aryan how you do it? Move out during confrontations and controversies. Aryan says there are other things you wont like. Aryan says randhir physically fights sanyu and you don’t do anything. I dont know who is more weird.
Aryan comes to his cabin. Becky comes in. He hides something. Becky says I am sorry. Mrs. Subri wants to talk to you. He says call her in. Mrs. Subri shows him a paper which highlights American space research center announces their lead astronaut. She says we should do something soon.Aryan burns the paper.

Aryan comes to sanyu’s room and sees no one is there. He says I have killed so many criminals but I felt guilt but today I wont any. Aryan goes to randhir. Randhir says how is saanyu? Angry? Aryan starts hitting him and says how dare you? Randhir says yes I cheated and hurt her. Randhir hits back. Randhir says you asked her permission before fighting? Aryan says I wont leave you today. You loser. Randhir hits him with a stone. Randhir is bleeding. Aryan says if you hurt her one more time that would be your last day. Randhir says you can never be like me. I am her first love and I will always be. Aryan says it doesn’t take time to replace old memories.

Aryan recalls what Randhir said. Randhir throws stuff in anger. They both fall.
Becky is drinking and crying. Arjun gives her a tissue. He says when we guys are mad, we need someone to hit. But you girls just cry. She says get lost. I am good here alone.I don’t need anyone. Today is my birthday who cares? I celebrate it with my parents. Sorry. why should I be sad? That asteroid came to wish me perhaps sent my aliens. Get lost from here.

Agarwal calls sanyu but she doesn’t pick. Sanaya picks her phone and gives it to her. Sanaya says we all want to be alone but our parents’ expectations burden is always with us. Sanyu says its their trust.She receives call. Its ankit he says comeback home. Papa has asked. Why don’t you receive call.

Becky turns back, arjun is there with a small cake and says wish you a very happy birthday. She says thank you. He lits a candle and says aliens sent this. They requested this. I brought this cake. She says you are not ask bad as I thought you are. She blows the candle. He says you are more cute than I thought. Arjun kisses her.
Randhir recalls in sleep all that happened. He wakes up and goes to Nirman. Randhir says sir I don’t want sanyu in this team. You can do that for the best scientist here. Nirman says self proclaimed best. Randhir says then why you made me lead. Sanyu is a trouble maker. you wanted that too when she came here. nirman says race for leading astronaut is starting. Whoever wins it can eliminate anyone.

Precap-Sanyu sees news with agarwal. Nirman says on TV we will announce our lead astronaut soon. Agarwal says I am sure it will be you sanyu. Sanyu comes back to ISRC he scares sanyu. He says I see fear on your face instead of desperation to win. You killed the old randhir and new one can kill anyone for his motive.

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