Sadda Haq 11th November 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Randhir says just imagine you and me in California. Sanyu says everything would be perfect. Randhir says the cost of living is high there. We will live together. Sanyu says we will live together. He says we will divide all the responsibilities. You will make breakfast, dinner and lunch. She wow is this fair? Sanyu says I will go to office and you will cook for both of us.

Yoyo collides with PKC. PKC says you with so many books? Yoyo says we always take your advices seriously. He goes to his room with books.
PKC asks the admin did you get anything copied? Notes or something? He says no sir yoyo never came for notes. PKC says this yoyo is plotting something. He comes to library and sees yoyo isn’t there either. He asks the librarian how the students are issuing books? Can I see the records? He sees it. PKC says what is this? She says register. He says i didn’t mean that. PKC says why is everyone studying a different subject. They are upto something. I will fail their plan before they fail mine.

Parth comes to sanyu and says PKC has doubt on us. They are partying. Randhir says we will do whatever we want he wont even know. Chill. Don’t be a good boy. Parth says this is important. Yoyo says parth is so nice no one messes with me. Sanyu says this hulk was a hero. Vid says a hot hero. Everyone is bewildered. Vid says i mean I found him hot. Parth says I will miss you all so much. Randhir gives him drunk. Yoyo says I am worried more vid. Sanyu says turn on the music. Vid goes to the ground.
She says why don’t i have self control. I shouldn’t have shown my emotions to the guy who doesn’t care at all. Parth comes and says its not like that. She says what are you here for? He says nothing. Vid says i know i have ruined everything. You are here to tell me how insensitive I am. He says I am here because you are sad. She says when did you start caring for me? He says I have and will always be concerned for you. We will be busy in our lives after college. but I will always be concerned for you. You will always be the one special girl for me.

Randhir says sanyu’s name in dreams. He says why are you not with me? I will spend my whole life with her. I am coming to you Sanyu. He sees sanyu in the lab. He says it can’t be sanyu, maybe its because i am drunk that i see her everywhere. Randhir goes and hugs him from back. He asks what are you doing here? She says I was working on the plan. He says aren’t you drunk? She says I am not. I was just pretending because I had to work. we will work together. He says you fooled me? sanyu nods. Randhir says very good. I am going to sleep good night. He leaves. Sanyu keeps working. She sees randhir asleep outside the lab. Sanyu wakes him up and says why didn’t you go to room? He says i couldn’t leave you alone here at night. He says i just waited to surprise you. She says what? He turns off the lights. Its all red. He says I wanted to do this for you. I can do anything for your smile. Music starts playing. Randhir takes her hand and they dance.

Scene 2
Next morning, All of them come with books. PKC wonders where are my subjects? He says where are books of my subjects? Sanyu says they are top priority. they see timetable that they have first exam today. sanyu says they are all back to back. Randhir says lets go talk to dean. Sanyu says that wont work. We have to work. Parth says lets go to lab and check the calculator. VId says whats that?
Randhir takes sanyu to a side. He comes close.

Precap-Randhir sends I love you on sanyu’s calculator. Sanyu says randhir will help us in today’s exam. Randhir says it is my guarantee. PKC is on super vision. Randhir says we will manipulate him.

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