Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th July 2016 Written Episode

the episode starts with jigar telling to gopi to stop blaming paridhi without evidences . gopi asks who told u that I don’t have evidence , pari and mona look shocked .then she takes out the anklet of paridhi and shows it to jigar . gopi says I found this in chawl and I am sure u know when u gave this anklet to paridhi , u gave this anklet in meera’s wedding and asks paridhi to show her foot , paridhi shows her one leg and then the other , surprisingly both the legs have anklets , gopi is shocked while mona smiles . jigar asks to stop blaming paridhi for everything . mona says ur evidence is proved wrong now . paridhi says u r going
on talking where is ur evidence . gopi says ur voice itself is evidence (paridhi was talking in joker voiceas she spoke before wid jai veeru) . then after gopi goes mona says that the anklet which fell down was her anklet . paridhi says thank god mona that u have same kind of payal . meera says to nayya that if u would have not supported me I would have not done anything , I would have not gone to parent teachers meeting . nayya is shocked seeing something . meera turns back and sees dharam coming . they r relieved that dharam did not hear anything after talking to dharam . in modi house mona thanks the doctor on phone . paridhi says thank god I am feeling better now . mona says we should drop the idea of defeating badi mom ji . paridhi says I will do something that she will not even think in her dreams that I can do this . mona asks how will we do this . meera gives dharam something , dharam asks u r also coming wid me . meera says that she is just doing the duties of the wife . u r getting late for ur flight ,dharam says our misunderstanding is very deep , it will take time but I have faith in god and goes from there . meera says the fact is ur wait will never end , I have not forgiven anybody .

the next day sona says we have got the order ready before the time .gopi smiles . jai and veeru come and say see who has come , kokila asks who has come this early morning . paridhi and mona walk in . gopi stares at them angrily . urmila says they did not get joker dress for rent , that is why they came in their own dress . paridhi says I have come here to follow the traditions of modi parivaar . paridhi says sona I have come for u and asks the servants to take the gifts inside . paridhi addresses sona as her bahu , all get shocked . kokila says u remember the day u sent ur bahu out , tell the truth . paridhi apologises and asks sona to come wid her to modi house , sona tells no saasu maa I will not come wid u . gopi looks on

precap:gopi asks sona to go wid paridhi to modi bhavan because it is ur real home , paridhi looks on shocked

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