Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th September 2016 Written Episode

Gopi prepares food in kitchen. Jaggi enters, daa chawal chivda and asks for sauce. Gopi gives him sauce. He mixes everything and asks if she is preparing sweet. Gopi goes into flashback where she prepares halwa for everyone. Ahem comes and hugs her from behind and asks if she is preparing kheer. She says halwa. He says who eats halwa. She says she is prepare kheer for him separately. She comes out of flashback and starts weeping. Jaggi sees that and runs form there.

Dharam waits fo Meera eagerly. Door opens and he gets happy thinking it is Meera, but gets disappointed seeing Naiya. Naiya says Meera is in Rithesh’s room.

Jagggi builds card house and tells Jai and Veeru if this house is built, he will treat them withh ice cream. Urmila comes and asks him
to practice Ahem’s acting. He says later. She angrily tries to break cards. He and Jai/Veru stop her and Jai/Veeru says it is a qustion of their life and death. Gopi enters and says let us not force him, he will learn if he really wants to.

Jigar gives Ahem’s fingerprints to Mansi and asks to return his property papers. She says she will not give papers until she proves imposter at Modi bhhavan is not Ahem and Jigarr does not have any option than waiting.

Dharam takes care of Naiya’s engagement arrangements happily in the morning. He calls servant to bring gift boxes. Ritesh brings boxes. Meera asks why did he bring and tiess to hellp him get boxes on table and touches him in between by mistake. Ahem fumes seeing that and shouts at servants.

Urmila tells Kokila and Gopi that it is very difficult to groom Jaggi as Ahem. Mansi enters just then with police and biometric finger print expert and says she will now prove imposter is not Ahem with fingerprints and calls Jaggi as roadster. Jaggi confronts and asks how will she feel if she calls her makeup shop. Expert takes Jaggi’s fingerprints, matches them with Ahem’s and says both match. Mansi shouts how can this be, he should recheck. Inspector says when expert has clarified, she cannot waste their time and walks out with expert. Mansi starts shouting. Gopi asks when did Ahem become hers, warns her dare not to come back again and pushes her out of door. Kokila thinks how did Ahem and Jaggi’s fingerprints match. Jaggi washes hands in children’s swimming pool and thinks how did fingerprints match, if he is really Ahem.

Mansi angrily calls Jigar and scolds for getting wrong fingerprints. He says they were real. She says he will get punishment now and she will come and posses her part of Modi bhavan. He pleads she cannot do this, he will do something to prove Jaggi is not Ahem. Gopi comes and hears all his conversation. He gets tensed seeing her.

Precap: Reporter interviews Modi family and says they started Sarita trust. He says let us question Mr. Ahem Modi first. Mansi enters again and says she will prove this man is not Ahem.

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