Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2016 Written Episode

Kokila reminisces Gopi and Ahem’s marriage and their happy married life, children, their bonding wit Modi family, etc. She then reminisces Dr. Krishna’s words that he wants to marry Gopi and will keep her happy whole life. She prays god to help her take a decision now. She and Gopi’s relationship is of mother and daughter and as a mother, she has to think of her daughter’s happiness.

Dr. Krishna is engrasped in Gopi’s thoughts. He hears door knock and asks maid Ramu kaka to open door, then says he has to get hearing aids for his servants. He opens door and is surprised to see Kokila. He greets her in and says he would come to her home if she had called him. She asks directly why he loves her gopi bahu when he knows she cannot speak or even react, she is a senseless body, that is all. He says who told Gopi cannot speak, he hears her heart beats for hours and speaks to her. He loves her so much that when he comes home after checking up Gopi, he misses her a lot. She asks what if he betrays and backs off. He says he will die before betraying her. Kokila requests him to marry Gopi. He jumps in happiness and says he will keep Gopi happy his whole life.

Kokila comes home and gathers Jigar, Pari, Monica, and Molu. Jigar asks what happened now. Vidya, Priya, Urmila, Sona, Tolu and Jai/Veeru also come. Kokila says it is good they came, she wants to announce an important decision in front of her family. Monica taunts that she has to feed poor now, looking at Vidya, tolu, etc.. Kokila shuts her mouth and says she will be back. She brings Gopi down and dorns red sari on her and says she has decided to get Gopi married to Dr. Krishna. Everyone are shocked to see this.

Precap: Kokila says family that tomorrow is Gop’s marriage with Dr. Krishna. Jigar asks how can she think of getting Gopi married at this age, he will not let this happen.

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