Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th April 2016 Written Episode

Meera agrees to get her head tonsured. Vidya is shocked and says she should not. Pari says Sona is inauspicious. Once she entered home, Premlatha came into their home, Kokila was kidnapped, Gopi went to mental assylum, etc.. Sona stands in a shock. Hetal shouts Paridhii. and asks what if she had alleged that she is bigger inauspicious than Sona and starts her reasoning.

Gaura thinks Meera made Dharam go against her, so it is a punishment for Meera and asks pandit to get Meera’s head tonsured as per ritual. Gopi says this cannot be and walks towards Meera. Ladies stop her. Ahem and Jigar try next. Ladies stop even them and say when Meera is ready to get her head tonsured, what problem they have.

Hetal continues and asks Pari how will she feel if she says Rashi died because of her, it is very easy to allege someone, but very difficult to get alleged. She continues her moral gyaan and leaves. Pari says it is all because of Sona and says she does not whose dirty blood Sona is. Tolu says mom.. Pari continues that Sona must have many boyfriends. Tolu says it is enough and asks Pari to apologize Sona. Pari asks what did he say. Tolu says she heard him right, she should apologize Sona. Pari claps and says Sona separated her from whole family with blackmagic. Tolu says his mom cannot say this, he married Sona after seeing her goodness, so nobody has right to insult Sona.

Kokila says Meera she does not have to follow old rituals and asks Meera to get up. Meera pushes her hand and says she will follow rituals. She reminisces time spent with Dharm and their nok jhok. Gaura asks ladies to get both widows ready for tonsuring.

Precap: Gaura over phone asks someone to take care of her son and once he regains consiousness, to give him sleeping injection. She turns and is shocked to see Kokila standing.

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