Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th October 2016 Written Episode

Gopi goes to temple with Sona, Pari and Mona and is surprised to see Premila and Krishna there. Sona asks what are these two doing here, they must be up to some thing. Gopi greets everyone. Pandit says Gopi should do maata’s visarjan. Premila’s puppet lady says Gopi should get her forehead with sindhoor before that. Premila asks Krishna to apply sindhoor on Gopi’s forehead. Krishna walks towards Gopi. Gopi stops him and says he is not her husband. Jaggi reaches hurriedly and wishes jai maata di. Gopi says he is her husband and not Krishna. Krishna asks Jaggi to apply sindhoor on Gopi’s forehead if he is Gopi’s husband. Gopi and Jaggi are shocked.

Ladies discuss that Ahem was Gopi’s first husband and after he is dead, Gopi married
Krishna and now Ahem came back. Premila orders Krishna to go and apply sindhoor on Gopi’s forehead. He walks towards Gopi with sindhoor. Kokil and Urmila are seen walking towards temple hurriedly. Just when Krishna is about to apply sindhoor to Gopi, Jaggi holds his hand and applies sindhoor on Gopi’s forehead himself. Gopi stands shocked and then runs from temple. Kokila and Urmila also reach temple and are shocked.

Premila asks Kokila if her daughter ran from temple because her husband applied sindhoor or a stranger applied. Kokila warns her to shut her mouth. Krishna comments next. Urmila warns him to stop poking in other family’s issues and asks everyone to leave. All guests walk out.

Meera daily drops Priyal school. Vidya asks Dharam also to drop along. Dharam says he is also going to drop her school. Priyal gets excited. Meera comes down. Vidya asks her to hurry up. Meera acts as slipping and spraining her leg. Dharam goes alone to drop Priyal school. Meera stands normally. Vidya is surprised. Meera scolds her not to try to reunite her and Dharam, there is nothing left them now, after Naiya’s marriage she will decided what to do.

Gopi continues crying sitting in her room. Jaggi tells Urmila that he just saved Gopi from evil Krishna, she is crying as if he ruined her life. Kokila goes to Gopi’s room and asks her to stop crying. Gopi cries that Jaggi did not have right to apply sindhoor on her forehead in temple in front of Devi maa.

Precap: Kokila asks Urmila where is Jaggi, she needs to talk. Urmila says even she does not know, he left angrily and is not picking phone at all. Kokila calls Urvashi and asks if Jaggi came there. Urvashi says no.

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