Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2016 Written Episode

Kokila tells that they have not invited anyone for the muh dikhayi rasam. Urvashi says she has invited the guests for the rasam, as suggested by Pari and others. Guest says we came to see the bride, and not to eat anything. They ask Jaggi to bring his bride. Jaggi says she is here and points at Gopi. Guest tells Kokila that it seems Gopi is possessive about Ahem’s face, and that’s why married Jaggi. They taunt Gopi for marrying third time, and taunt kokila for giving enough liberty to Gopi. Kokila says it is not like that and tries to clear, but they taunt her and leave.

Kokila says Modi family was an example for everyone, but because of Gopi, their prestige is ruined. She says these ladies never dare to talk looking at me, but today they taunted me. Urmila asks why you are
listening to them. Kokila says they said right that I did a mistake by keeping Gopi as my daughter. She says now it is proved that daughter in law can’t be a daughter. She adds I thought her as a pure gold, but she was useless copper coin.

Urmila says these kinds of women are used to talk like this. Kokila gets a heart attack and falls unconscious. Gopi says someone call the doctor. Jaggi says she got a heart attack and we shall take her to hospital. Pari says we can’t take chance and says she will call doctor. Gopi gets worried and asks Urmila if anything will happen to Kokila. Jaggi says we shall take her to room.

Gaura wakes up and tries to take the glass, but she falls down and cries. Meera and Vidya hear her voice and come to her room. Vidya asks how did you fall, and says she will give warer. Meera bends down and a glass piece hurts her hand. Vidya gives her water. She tells Vidya that she will bandage her hand. Gaura apologizes to them and says I will never forget your favor. Vidya asks her to call them if she needs anything and goes.

Doctor checks Kokila and says it was a mild heart attack. Everyone is shocked. Doctor asks them not to worry as everything is under control. Parag asks how can this happen? Doctor says may be due to tension or stress and says she will get consciousness soon. Gopi prays to God and says nothing should happen to my Maaji. Gopi thinks about Kokila’s words and guests’ taunts.

Jaggi tells her that everything will be fine in 2-3 days. Gopi tells Jaggi that everything is happening because of him. She says my Maa ji got heart attack because of you, as I thought of you. She says years ago, my Maa ji’s life was hit by the storm because of your mum. She says if anything happens to my Maa ji, then I will not leave you. She goes from there. Urmila comes to Jaggi and asks him not to feel bad about Gopi’s words. She says she is worried about Kokila and that’s why she said more. Jaggi says she said less, and says she has Jwala mukhi in her mind and heart which can blast. He says it was good that she took out anger on me. Urmila asks what you are saying? Didn’t you feel bad about her words. Jaggi says no, and says I am happy that she took her anger out on me. He says she has opened her heart infront of me and says I will enter her heart soon. Urmila says you are mad. Jaggi says God made us married, and he will unite us soon. Urmila is hopeful too.

Vidya tells Meera that Gaura’s condition is bad. Meera says she is a murderer and asks her not to hope that she got better. She says her basic nature can’t change, and we have to be alert always. Vidya says she will cut fruits for her. Meera says okay, and says she will make coffee for them.

Doctor asks them to let Kokila rest as it is the best medicine for her. Gopi tries to make Kokila have medicine, but she throws the spoon. She refuses to have medicine with her hand. She says I would like to eat poison rather than having medicine from your hand. Gopi asks her not to take out anger on medicine, and asks her to have it. Kokila asks her not to feign as concerned towards her and says when you have decided to break relation with me then why you are pretending to be in pain. She says we have no relation between us now, neither daughter-mother relation nor saas- bahu relation. Gopi cries and asks her to have medicine. Parag asks her not to stress herself.

Kokila asks him to tell Gopi to go from her sight, and says she has just one relation with her and that is of hatred. She says I just hate Gopi. Pari asks Gopi to go and says it will be better, I will take care of her. Gopi says I won’t leave her. Pari says you are newly married, and asks her to take care of her married life. Gopi says my family is my Maa ji. Kokila says this is not your house, or family. She says I…Kokila Modi have no relation with you. She asks her to leave her house with her husband for forever. Gopi and others are shocked.

Sona requests Kokila to stop Gopi from leaving the house. Kokila says let her go. Door bell rings. They are shocked to see someone there. .

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