Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2016 Written Episode

Premila challenges Gopi, Urmila and Jaggi that she will get them out of Modi bhavan within 24 hours. Jaggi tastes flowers. Urmila scolds her to be serious sometimes.

Meera comes from shopping with Ritesh, laughing. Dharam fumes seeing them. Shravan comes next and says even he had been to shopping and bought rasmalai for everyone. Vidya sees Naiya smirking and thinks she will not let her ruin Dharam and Meera’s relationship.

Mansi fumes in her room that Ahem must be thinking she lied, Premila and Krishna must have taken papers from locker. Premila comes and says she took papers from locker as Gopi and her team are trying to prove her mad. Mansi shouts that she always ruins her happiness.

Jagi goes to Dharam’s house. Vidya and Meera get happy
seeing him and serve him ras malai. He enjoys it happily. Vidy and Meera imagine him as Ahem. Jaggi says he came to speak to them.

At Modi bhavan, Sona tells Gopi and Urmila that they have to plan something, else they have to leave this house. Jaggi comes and gives bridal red lehanga to Gopi. Gopi shouts if he wants her to wear this. Jaggi says it is for make up ki dukan/Mansi and asks her to keep bridal items in Mansi’s room silently. Gopi goes and keeps items silently when Mansi is in washroom. Mansi comes from washroom and gets happy thinking Ahem kept it and wears them.

Vidya shows Naiya’s wedding to Dharam. Dharam gets emotional. She then shows card to Meera. Meera sees her rough hands and applies oil on them. Vidya reminds her of Naiya’s misdeeds. Meera says any relationship breaks because of mistrust and not because of third person, Dharam loves Naiya so much and will not believe them, so it is better to let it go.

Jaggi gets ready as Ahem. Urmila fixes micrphone in his and her ears and ask him to be alert. He goes to Mansi’s room and sees her dressed as bride. Mansi says she will marry and be with him forever. He says he cannot leave this world leaving his mom in distress. She promises that she will get back Modi bhavan papers. Urmila goes to kitchen and sees Premila preparing tea. She asks her to add ginger in tea. Premila yells she will not give her even water if she is about to die. Urmila continues chatting. Premila doubts her and says her team must be doing something to Mansi, so she will go to Mansi’s rom. Urmila informs Jaggi that Premila is coming. Jaggi asks Mansi to get papers first and leaves creating smoke. Mansi shouts Ahem..Ahem… Premila comes and Mansi keeps knife on her neck and threatens to give back Modi bhavan’s papers. Gopi watches hiding ear door.

Precap: Mansi at knife point asks Premila to to give her Modi bhavan’s papers. Premila says she will give it as wedding gift after her and Ahem’s marriage. Mansi gets very happy hearing this. Gopi hears their conversation.

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