Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2016 Written Episode

Pari with Monica and Molu returns home and scolds Kokila for complaining Vidya that she did not get food. Kokila says she did not and is worried as Gopi left home without informing. Pari starts yelling if she cannot take care of Gopi and stop troubling them. Dr. Krishna brings Gopi and says he had taken her for a walk. Pari says he should have informed Kokila and go. Monica comments he would have informed Kokila, but she is forgetful and loves troubling them. Dr. Krishna changes topic and they all 3 get into their rooms yelling.

Tolu and Jai/Veeru on dining table loudly repeat Tsunami khana do. Sona comes and scolds Tolu that he has also become child and serves them kichdi. She sees Urmila standing near window and cries and asks what happened to her. Urmila says she is having at least kichdi here, but Kokila and Gopi does not have anything to eat. Sona says god will help them and Kokila knows how to tackle Pari. Tolu and her both take Urmila to dining table and Sona feeds her kichdi like a child. Jai/Veer insist Urmila to feed them kichdi. Urmila says Kichdi is tasteless. Sona says naani started her naanigiri, whole family laughs.

Dr. Krishna feeds aloo matar to Gopi, but she sits silently. He plays krishna bhajan for her and feeds then. Kokila thanks him for taking care of Gopi and cries that she cannot think of a life without Gopi. He cheers her up and asks her to sleep. He then feeds medicine to Gopi and makes even her asleep.

Dharam comes to room and asks Meera where is his gift. She says it is on table. He opens cloth from gift and sees black rose bouquet. He asks what joke is this. She asks how did she like it and how was her acting, she acted an adarsh bahu like usual. He asks why. She says he took Vidya’s side even today. He says Vidya was right as always. She shouts she cannot forget what Vidya did to her and pray no woman should go through this. He asks to forget everything. She says she cannot until she dies. He separates their bed and they sleep on different beds.

Krishna rides his car reminiscing Gopi and stops seeing cow and calf on road. He comes out of car and sees Krishna temple in front, enters in, and prays god that Krishna has so many wives, but he needs only 1 Gopi.

Precap: Dr. Krishna tells Kokila that he wants to marry Gopi and asks Gopi’s hand.

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