Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th June 2016 Written Episode

Vidya informs Gopi that Meera got Priyal admitted to a good school but did not inform beforehand or take her along. Gopi asks her not to worry. Vidya says she has household chores and disconnects calls.

Pari feels hungry and thinks who will prepare breakfast now. She starts acting as having severe headache. Monica comes and asks what happened to her. Pari says she is feeling very hungry and is having severe headache, she cannot tell Kokila, so Monica should prepare berakfast. Monica hesitantly agrees after a bit of drama.

Gopi walks out of house to go to Urmila’s chawl. Dr. Krishna says he will drop her as there is auto strike today. Gopi asks autodrivers if they will go to Gopi pura. They say it is their strike today. Dr. Krishna says his offer is still
on. Gopi leaves in a car with him. Kokila comes out and thanks autodrivers for helping her sending her beti jamai together and gives them prasad.

Gopi with Dr. Krishna reaches Urmila’s chawl. Urmila gets very happy seeing them and hugs Gopi. She invites Dr. Krishna to come and have tea. He says he will come some other day and leaves. Urmila rushes in and informs Sona that Gopi came with doctor jamai sa. Sona says Gopi must have come with Dr. Krishna as she must not have found transport. Gopi enters and hugs Sona. She tells Urmila that she is opening patola sari business at home and needs her help. Urmila says she is always ready to help her. Gopi asks Sona. Sona says she wants to help her but cannot due to her pregnancy. Gopi says she forgot and asks where is Tolu and children. Jai and Veeru come running and touch her feet. She hugs them. Tolu comes and Gopi asks if he will help her in business. He says he will be very happy to help her.

Priyal returns home from school and runs towards Vidya. Meera comes in between and takes her with her. Vidya stands in a shock and surprise seeing Meera’s behavior.

Gopi returns home and calls jeweler. Kokila comes and gives jewelry pack to Gopi. Jigar shouts how can she pawn their family jewelry. Pari snatches jewelry pack and says she will not let her pawn them. Kokila warns to return it back and says it is her jewelry and she is giving it to Gopi and will get it back when Gopi’s business flourishes. She scolds Jigar and family that they forgot family values, etc…She snatches and gives jewelry bag to jeweler. Jeweler evaluates jewelry and gives money bundles to Gopi. Kokila continues that she is same Kokila Modi and has never changed, she will be on Gopi’s side always.

Precap: Pari challenges Gopi if she fails in her patola sari business, she has to drop Modi surname and leave Modi bhavan.

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