Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th September 2016 Written Episode

Jaggi sees Gopi’s leg is fine and she was just acting for Mansi. Urmila taunts him how he was feeling guilty.

Premila makes arrangements for jagrata and prays god to cure her daughter. Manis tells Premila that Jagrata starts. Neighbors attend it. After prayers, Urmila signals Jaggi. He silently switches on recorder and in Ahem’s voice calls Mansi. Tolu/Molu create a 3D image of Ahem via projector on balcony. Mansi runs seeing Ahem. Premila also sees Ahem and falls unconscious. Urmila says Premila is getting ghost in her. Neighbor suggest to snifff her slipper. Jaggi silently leaves, changes as Ahem and meets Mansi. Mansi gets happy seeing him. He chats a bit romantic and leaves creating smoke.

Vidya informs Shravan that Naiya is trying to separate Dharam and Meera. He says if she is doubting Naiya, then she may be right. Naiya listens to their conversation standing near door. She goes and tells Prakash she is trying hard to break Dharam and Meera’s relationship but is unsuccesful. Prakash says they will plan somethiing big now. He sees Vidya and Shravan near door and changes tone, says they are trying so hard to unite Dharam and Meera, but nothing is happening good. Shravan scolds Vidya and leaves. Naiya comes out and laughs no Vidya that Shravan did not listen to her at all. Vidya realizes her doubt is right and challenges Naiya that she will expose her cruel plan.

Mansi tells Premila that she told her Ahem really comes to meet her, soon she will go with Ahem. Gopi and team hear their conversation standing near door. Gopi says Jaggi they have to execute their final plan.

Mansi waits for Ahem. Jaggi changes as Ahem again, fixes microphone in his ears, and meets Mansi. Mansi says she has decided that she will die and unite with him forever. Urmila gets ttensed and asks Jaggi to ask where she kept property papers. Jaggi says his soul will not be in peace leaving his mom in distress. Mansi says she will let Kokila in distress. Jaggi asks where did she keep papers. She says in Krishna’s hospital locker and tells locker number.

Precap: Urmila asks Jaggi to keep a watch on Mansi and Premila while she and Gopi tryto get property papers from Krishna’s locker.

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