Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode Starts with Kokila saying that getting back Meera safe is of primary importance ; Goal is to get back Meera and that is unwavering. And getting Dharam or finding and getting him to court is very important and need of the hour, to prove Meera innocent, says Kokila. Much more is said by Kokila. And mostly endorsed by Gopi.

Then Kokila and Gopi in an analytical way discuss that so far they – Modis – thought from their perspective but now they would have to approach differently and think as Gaura would ; So Kokila and Gopi discuss that Gaura and Dharam cannot be far away from each other, conclude that Dharam is nearer to Gaura, wherever Gaura would be, so would Dharam be, nearby. Hetal does not make head or tail of Kokila – Gopi talk ; says so ; and Kokila and Gopi explain everything to Hetal.

In between ; at Gaura’s home, few armed men enter her home, apparently called by her. Later, Shravan, Durga and Naya are advised to shift to farm house ; inner voice of Gaura says, she can shift Dharam out of the house. Shravan refuses and then Durga is asked to stay back while Shravan and Naya leave the house to a farm house.

Meera is hopeful of Dharam’s arrival and express her desire to be decked up as a bride. The two lady officials, talk amongst themselves that Meera could not be a killer because she loves her husband.

Modi Home :- the Modis are dressed in black, anoint each one of themselves ; weird get up ; take a vow, do some weird rituals ; Baa give some piece of her thoughts, to come back victorious, with Meera. Else not to step inside the Modi Home ; Kokila takes a vow in the name of Lord Sri Krishna ; Baa says if they have a Criteria / Objective so does the other person or God, but they would have to come back victorious.

Later, on the way Hetal feels sweaty and develops cold feet or is scared. Others lift Hetal’s spirits. ! !


The Episode Ends On Gopi’s Pensive Face ! ! !

Preview :- The Modi Impromptu War Brigade fight with Gaura’s Goons ; In the ensuing fight, Kokila Is confronted by a strongman of Gaura ; Out of the blue Ahem appears on the scene and fights with all of the Goons, leaving the Modi Clan looking in disbelief ! !

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