Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2016 Written Episode

Modi family returns sadly from court hearing. Baa asks if Meera did not come with them, if Ahem is bringing her. Jigar says nobody is bringing her, she got a death sentence. Baa says no

Meera in jail reminisces Dharam’s words that he will elder than her and will die someday soon, but will wait for the day when she will return to him. She cries and says she loves him a lot. She knows he wants to know if she can stay without him or not, she will die without him. Gaura dances in front of unconscious Dharam. Meera prays god to send her Dharamji to her. Dharam opens eyes. Gaura asks if he is fine and says his mother is in front of her. He says Meera..She yells Meera did a black magic that her son is only seeing her and not his mother. She gives him sedative and says after 16 hours, Meera will be hanged at 9 a.m. and he will be free forever.

Baa shockingly says this cannot happen. Jigar says tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., Meera will be hanged. Baa asks Hetal if this is a lie. Hetal says they tried a lot, but could not save Meera. Baa says her Ahem will bring Meera. Jigar says Ahem is in jail after holding lawyer’s collar and says everything is finished now. Kokila shouts nobody will get disappointed, it is time to support each other. She knows Meera is given death sentence and Ahem is in jail, she did not lose hope, then how can Jigar lose hope. After darkness, light comes. He should become Bharath in Ahem’s absence and support family. Jigar says saving Meera is impossible. Gopi says with Meera, he should also think her as dead. There is nothing like impossible. Kokila continues her moral gyaan and with her usual loudly high pitched voice says Jigar has to fight.

Shravan,Durga, and Naiya reach home. Naiya asks Shravan who broke gate. Shravan says even he does not know, they should go in and check. They enter home and Shravan asks servant where is baaji/Gaura. Servant says they all came just now as Gaura had given them off. He shockingly says Baaji was alone. He checks Gaura’s room and says baaji is not in her room. Naiya asks Durga togo and check dowstairs while she and Shravan check other rooms. Durga walks and sees store room door open. She silently enters in calling maaji, if you are here. Gaura throws injection and nervously says how did she come here. Gaura comes and stands near door Durga asks what is she doing here. Gaura says she came to take lamp and asks her to clean it, she wants to light it after Meera’s death. Durga sees injection on floor and thinks how did it come here. Gaura shouts to go. Durga leaves. Gaura thinks once Meera is dead, her son can open his eyes.

Kokila continues her moral gyaan and takes oath on god that she will prove Dharam is alive and will bring back Meera home. Gopi says she is with her. Hetal says even she is with her, whole family joins them. Jigar asks what they should do now. Kokila says they should get justice to Meera and should even break law for that. She chants om krishna yanamaha..

Precap: Modi family wears black dress. Kokila applies tilak on each of them and takes oath to defeat Meera.

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