Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd March 2016 Written Episode

Sona tells Pari that she can remove permanent holi color with petrol and coconut skin. Pari asks if she has gone mad. Sona continues her misbehavior and taunting Pari and tries to apply more holi on her face. Pari holds her hand and asks to back off. Gopi and Kokila stand smiling with family.

Dharam applies holi on Durga and fills her forehead. Meera cries seeing this. Dharam then turns to Meera and asks why is she crying. She says if he is thinking she is crying seeing him applying holi to Durga, he is wrong, he can apply holi or gift his wife, she does not care. She is just here for 6 months and will leave from here. He says 6 months are long enough.

Pari continues scolding Sona. Sona says she knows how she used to roam in this house wearing short dresses and tried all sort of tricks to lure sasurji. Pari shouts who told her this. Samar says he did not. Sona says when she can get her detail from police, even she got her detail and asks Meethi ben if she is right and says they both are same. Pari says they both are poles apart, she is well cultured and educated bahu and Sona is illiterate and ill-mannered bahu. Gopi interferes and asks Pari not to get angry on holi day and asks Sona to apply holi to her saasumaa. Sona tries to apply holi taunting Pari with a grin, but Pari stops her. Gopi then asks Pari to apply holi on Jigar and forget all the differences today. Jigar applies holi on pari and Pari does same. Whole family enjoys holi whole Pari stands angrily.

Durga reminisces Dharam touching her and applying holi and gets happy. Shravan comes in. Durga asks if he informed Vidya. He says no. She says he has to, else he will lose her forever.

Gaura looks at Dharam’s childhood sweater and thinks she will gift it to Shravan’s child and changing her usual villainous tone says she will gift child to someone. She then calls someone and asks to come home with lots of crackers as she wants to do dhamaka.

Kokila tells family they have to go to Gaura’s home now. Ahem asks if she is sure as Gaura always creates drama whenever they go to her home. Kokila says they should. Whole family reaches Gaura’s home. Gaura throws bag full of gulal/holi on Kokila and asks how was her surprise. Kokila smiles. Gaura starts talking like a child. Kokila asks what happened to her. Urmila says he has gone mad. Gaura says she has not forgotten that Kokila snatched Karunesh years ago and is her enemy, but today she wants to celebrate arrival of new family member in her home.

Precap: Modi family dances and enjoys holi with Gaura and guests. Dacoits enter on jeep holding gun and shooting bullets.

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