Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st March 2016 Written Episode

Pari tells Sona whatever she tries, she will not accept her as her bahu. Hetal says she is overreacting. Pari says she is not, she lost her son. Hetal says Tolu was her son and will always be.

Vidya serves food to family. Everyone taste food and says it is very sour. Gaura asks why she prepared sour food. Vidya says she is feeling dizzy and neauseous since somedays. Gaura looks at Durga and asks Dharam to call Daayi maa.

Pari starts confronting family and says they snatched her son from her. Kokila starts her dialogues followed by Gopi. Pari says whatever Gopi and Kokila say is final in this house and everyone follow them blindly. Jigar shouts it is enough. She says even he spent his whole life obeying his brother and his wife and revolving around them. Kokila shouts.

Meera shouts at Gaura why is she calling daayi maa/midwife. Midwife comes and checks Vidya and asks her to walk, sit, etc. Meera yells her sister is not an animal. Midwife says Vidya is pregnant. Meera yells they should call doc. Gaura says he knew she would complain, so she called doc. Doc comes and sends them all out. Midwife complains Gaura why did she call her when she had to call doc. Gaur asks her to relax. She checks Vidya, comes out and says Vidya is pregnant. Gaura jumps in happiness. Midwife asks gift. Gaura gives her necklace.

Pari continues confronting family. Gaura calls Kokila. Their nok jhok starts. Gaura invites Kokila for holi party. Kokila hesitantly agrees. Gaura asks her to come with her team. Kokila says she will come with her family.

Pari takes Hetal, Kokila, and Gopi out and complains why did they insult her in front of illiterate Sona. Gopi says sona is perfect bahu for her. Pari says Sona was speaking, but words were of Gopi. She tells that she will examine Sona till puran maasi and Gopi can help her, if Sona passes exam, she wll accept her as her bahu, else she has to leave this house.

Precap: Kokila shouts at Pari that she accepts her challenge and her family’s unity is broken, she will decisions in her hand.

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