Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st June 2016 Written Episode

Gopi gives Dr. Krishna, Ahem’s room to stay. Dr. Krishna looks at Ahem’s pic and says he is jealous of him as Gopi still love him. He gives Kokila lens box and she will not need specs from hereon.

Shravan comes home and sees Vidya crying. He asks her what happened. She says nothing. He sees her forehead bleeding and asks if Meera hit her. Vidya stands silently.

Gopi starts chatting with Kokila. Krisha checks Kokila and Kokila asks Gopi to arrange Krishna’s clothes in his room. Krishna says he is habituated to do his work and will arrange his clothes in cupboard, leaves. Mona brings soup for Kokila and throws bowl on bed. Gopi shouts to keep it carefully. She then feeds soup to Kokila and asks why not Meera attend her marriage. Kokila says Meera has changed and she hates Vidya now, finds chance to insult and torture her.

Shravan fumes how can Meera hit Vidya and walks down angrily. Meera comes from shopping with her step daughter Naiya. Her stepson Shravan angrily asks how dare she is to hit her bahu/sister Vidya. Meera says Vidya deserves it. Shravan shouts he will not keep quiet if she misbehaves with Vidya. She asks what he will do and warns that she will kick him and Vidya out of this house. Dharam interferes and shouts he needs peace in this house. Meera continues yelling. Gopi enters. Vidya gets happy seeing her. Gopi hugs her granddaughter Priya. Meera asks why did she come here after marrying another man and forgetting her father. Gopi says she has not forgotton Ahem. Meera asks then why did she marry someone else at this age. She continues arguing.

Precap: Meera says Gopi she does not know what Vidya did. Vidya says mom just got well and Meera cannot talk about it now. Meera says she will tell her truth now.

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