Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st December 2015 Written Episode

Meera tells Dharam that Baa/Gaura is really great that she accepted to let her naani/Urmila stay in this house. Naani wanted to leave, but Baa stopped her and said she can live here like a family member. Dharam thinks he agreed to impress his in-laws but was worried about Baa’s reaction, good she herself accepted. Gaura helplessly looks at Dharam and Meera. Meera asks Urmila to feel this house as hers and live like family member and takes her in.

Urmila calls Gopi and asks her to give phone to Kokila. Gopi switches on speaker and gives mobile to Kokila. Urmila says this time she used ram baan and her plan is sure shot perfect. Gaura was sending her out, but Meera handled situation well.

Gopi reminisces how she cried after seeing Meera’s vastra haran/sari removal video and wanted to teach Gaura a lesson. Urmila says it is time for her to enter Gaura’s house and teach her a lesson, she will see how Gaura troubles her granddaughters. Baa tells Kokila her plan is good and now Gaura will repent keeping Urmila at her home.

Urmila recites hanuman chalisa sitting on Gaura’s swinger. Gaura comes and asks what is she doing. Urmila says she is reciting hanuman chalisa to shoo away evil spirits, but Gaura does not need to recite it as she herself is evil. Gaura shouts at her to get up as only she sits on it and not even Dharam has right to sit on it. Urmila says now her rules will be followed in this house. Gaura asks why did she come here. Urmila says she is very intelligent and understood that she came to punish her. Gaura says this house is hers and her rule works here, will she oppose her being on her charity. Urmila says she taught her troubling others being their house while she stayed in Modi family and troubled them. Now, her rule will work here and she will trouble her to the core.

Dharam sees Urmila sitting on Gaura’s swinger and asks her to get up as only baa sits on it. Urmila says she did not want to sit as Meera had informed her, but Gaura forced her to sit here. Vidya comes and backs Urmila that she also saw Gaura insisting Urmila to sit on it and says she heard from Shravan that baa is great, but saw it from her eyes today. Dharam murmurs in Urmila’s ears that even he sits on it when Gaura is not around and silently leaves.

Gopi and other modi family ladies discuss how Vidya also agreed to be part of their plan.

Meera comes to Urmila’s room and says she has to take her side and not Kokila and Gopi’s side hereon as she rescued her from Kokila. Urmila says she will take only her side from here on and goes to bring water for her. Meera thinks she brought Urmila here as she was feeling alone and wanted someone to help her in taking revenge from Gaura. She says Gaura used her to take revenge from Kokila, now she will show how it will be to get insulted.

Precap: Gaura wakes up from bed and falls after stepping into vessel. She shouts Dharam and Shravan for help while servants watch her silently. Meera thinks now she will feel how it is to get humiliated in front of everyone.

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