Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th November 2015 Written Episode

Gaura orders Vidya to invite her parents to party and if they don’t attend, she will kick her out of house. Vidya says she will not go out of this house without her sister.

Gopi sits in Kokila’s room. Jigar enters. She asks how is Pari’s father. Jigar says his condition is improving,but Pari is eager to come here after hearing Kokila’s condition.

Vidya calls Gopi and says Gaura wants her and papa to attend party and if they don’t attend, she told she will kick her out of house. Gopi gets tensed. She informs Hetal, Jigar and Ahem. Hetal and Jigar suggest her to go attend party. Ahem says he will not go as he does not want to see Dharam’s face and if he sees, he does not what he will do. Gopi says they have to go for their daughter’s sake.

Gopi calls Vidya and says she is coming. Vidya says she does not have to. Gaura takes call and starts taunting. Dharam also starts taunting that sasumaa should come with Sasurji. Ahem fumes, but calms down.

Gaura waiting for Gopi and Ahem says Dharam that she is sure her duffer samdhi Ahem will come for sure. Just then, Gopi and Ahem’s car arrives. Gaura laughs and says she told him, Ahem would come, now nobody can stop them from executing their plans. Gaura greets them in. Vidya hugs Gopi. Meera stands arrogantly. Gopi thanks Meera for taking care of her sister. Meera gets angry. Gaura asks Ahem if he does not want to come in. Ahem says he had to come as he has only one daughter and she is married here. Meera gets jealous.

Gopi brings gifts and says Gaura that she always troubled her family, but she did not forget her sanskar and will fulfill her responsibilities towards her daughter’s in-laws. Gaura says at last she accepted that this is her daughters’ sasural. Gopi says not daughters, its only daughter, she has only one daughter. She then gives gift to Dharam and Durga. Durga asks why her. Ahem says she is her daughter’s saas and owes great respect. Gopi hugs her.

Precap: Kokila wakes up and asks Hetal and Jigar where is Ahem. Jigar says he went to Gaura’s house. Kokila says she feels something is wrong and Ahem’s life is at risk.

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