Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th March 2016 Written Episode

Tolu promises Pari that he will do whatever she says. She asks him to to promise that he will not consummate his marriage with Sona until she accepts Sona as her bahu. Hetal says she did not do right followed by each family member. Hetal says same. Kokila and Gopi’s turn starts next.

Dukhiyari Saas sangathan women walk towards Meera to torture her. Vidya stops them and asks what did her sister do. They show video of Meera slapping Gaura. Vidya says it is a wrong video. Meera says she slapped Gaura by mistake. Gaura cries that she intentionally slapped her. Meera SMSes Dukhiyari bahu sangathan to come urgently. She tells ladies that she will apologize and do sit ups and starts situps.

Kokila starts her lengthy loud dialogues that Pari does not love her son, so she punished him to stay away from Sona. She continues.. Gopi starts next and asks if she does not want to accept Sona, then why did she give her promise to Tolu. Pari says she did right, how can they all get her son married to Sona without informing her and continues defending herself. Once they all leave, Pari says she will show howmuch she loves her sons.

Meera does 100 situps with great difficulty. Old lady says it is time for a tight slap and asks Gaura to slap her bahu and take revenge. Dukhiyari bahu sangathan young ladies come and attack all old ladies. Gaura hides in cupboard. Meera brings her out and shows young ladies video of Gaura torturing her and asks them to punish Gaura. Vidya interferes and says it is their family issue and they will handle themselves. Ladies leave yelling that they wasted their time. Meera asks Vidya why did she protect Gaura and asks Gaura to live in peace and let her leave in peace.

Sona packs her bags and Tolu tries to console her. She throws cup on him. Gopi enters and cup falls in front of Gopi. Gopi tells her that Pari loves tolu/molu a lot and is shocked to see tolu married without her knowledge. She consoles Sona and suggests her to fight with the situation and not run away. Pari hears their conversation and thinks Gopi is provoking her son against her, she will see how she will snatch her son from her.

Precap: Kokila sees servants bringing big weighing machine and asks who brought it. Pari says she brought it and asks Tolu to sit on one side of weighing machine.

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