Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Dharam saying to police that take Gaura.At Suryavanshi house family mourns Durga ‘s death. Dharam thanks Koki for supporting their family in the time of grief. Koki says that u are also like my son. She goes to bring water for him.

Koki and Gopi see Vidya hugging Shravan. Gopi says that now soon vidya and Shravan will sort their issues but I am worried about Meera. They discuss Dharam and Meera age difference. Gopi says that when Dharam will be in the last stage of his life then Meera will be living some of the best moments of life. Gopi further says that Meera will also want to become a mother but will Dharam agree to become father again? Dharam listens to their conversation.

Gopi says to Vidya that if u want to stay back, u may. Gopi says that Meera let’s go. Meera says that she won’t go anywhere. Dharam comes and asks Meera to leave. Meera says I won’t, I am ur wife.Dharam says that sign the last certificate of divorce and then we will be free.

Dharam continues that this marriage was a mistake,we have age differences also. He says that this marriage was a nonsense… Meera says ok, she signs the paper and taunts Dharam about being old.. Dharam leaves.

Meera is appalled. She breaks things and shouts that I have rejected u..Gopi asks Vidya to take care of her family. Modi family leaves with Meera but Meera again breaks a pot.. Gopi stands tensed.

PRECAP:Meera says that meet him my would be husband. The guy is revealed to be Sanskar,Meera ‘s ex boyfriend.

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