Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th June 2016 Written Episode

Kokila continues crying her usual that she just wants to see her Gopi happy and continues.. Dr. Krishna shows Gopi her room. Gopi sees room decorated and shouts what the hell is this, she loves only Ahem ji and how dare he is to think of spending time with her. Dr. Krishna says his room is on the other side, this is her room. Gopi calms down and asks then why did he decorate her room. He says to greet her in his home.

Kokila walks down carrying her clothes in a kit bag. She imagines all the ceremonies happened in her house and her whole family. She apologizes Baa and Hetal for leaving house without informing them and walks out of house.

Meera wakes up and sees herself in Dharam’s arms and shouts what the hell is this. He asks what happened now, she was crying sometime ago and broke things and then slept hugging him. She shouts her family is shattered. He says her family is fine. She shouts to control his family first. He asks what happened to his family now. She continues yelling.

Gopi reminisces Ahem and removes her wedding jewelry angrily. Dr. Krishna comes and gives her gift wrap. She says she does not need it. He asks her to open and check. She opens it and sees Ahem’s photoframe. Dr. Krishna comes back and says he does not want to come between her and Ahem.

Kokila continues walking on road reminiscing Jigar and Pari’s words that she wanted to get rid of Gopi and enjoy her oldage in America with Baa and Hetal. She meets with an accident. Gopi feels her maaji is in trouble and shouts maaji…Dr. Krishna comes and asks what happened to her, if she is fine…She says she is fine and does not need his help. He says she can call him any time if she needs anything…

Precap: Dr. Krishna calls Gopi and asks her to come to SK Hospital right now as Kokila is admitted here. She rushes to hospital and asks him where is her maaji.

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