Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th March 2016 Written Episode

Modi family brings Sona after marriage and Gopi asks her to kick rice bowl and enter home. Just when Sona is about to kick rice bowl, Paridhi kicks bowl high and shouts at Sona dare not to enter in. Sona starts misbehaving with Paridhi and calls her white butterfly, make up shop, etc.., and asks who is she to stop her to enter her sasural. Paridhi says she is Sahir’s mother and asks Sahir why did he marry this illiterate and low class girl who does not know how to behave with elders. Sona apologizes and touches her feet. Pari pushes her and tells Modi family they can accept cultureless Sona as bahu, but she will not.

Durga gives tea to Dharam and asks if he will not stop Meera. He says she does not want to stay here. Durga asks if she stays back, will he accept her back. Dharam sits silently. Durga says he is her first love, but she does not find compatibility with him like Vidya/Shravan and Ahem/Gopi. She continues her spill out her heart.

Paridhi asks Modi family if they really know who Sona is, brings news cutouts and says Sona is a thief, dacoit, kidnapper, etc. and has gone many times to jail. Sona says she already informed everyone. Paridhi says it does not mean they will select a third class girl for her son. She asks Jigar when he used to speak to her daily, why did not he inform anything. He says she was tensed with her father’s health in UK, so he did not inform.

Meera continues crying in her room. Dharam knocks door and enters. She asks why did he come. He says if he should not. She says as an elder he can. He jokes with her and after lengthy comedy, she smiles.

Paridhi continues yelling at Jigar and whole family. Kokila in her usual accent loudly says basss…She is shouting here instead of welcoming her bahu and is not bothered about her son’s feelings. She says once graha pravesh is done, she can speak only inside house.

Precap: Paridhi adds black ink in Sona’s graha pravesh’s red water. Kokila asks why did she do this abshagun. Paridhi says Sona is big abshagun.

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