Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th June 2016 Written Episode

Kokila forcefully sends Gopi out of house as bidayi ritual and locks door. Gopi cries outside she does not want to go away from her maaji. Urmila tells Kokila that her daughter is gone now. Pari, Monica and Jigar scold Kokila that she wanted to get rid of Gopi, so she forcefully got her married at old age with grandchildren. Kokila says she wants whole world of happiness for her Gopi beti.

Meera angrily breaks things in her room. Dharam comes and asks what happened. She says her mother got married just now. He hugs and consoles her.

Dr. Krishna takes Gopi towards his home in a car and tries to speak to her. She ignores him and sits silently. They reach home. He opens door and asks her to step on red water and then enter home. She says she will not follow these rituals and walks in dropping red water and unkowingly stepping on it. Dr. Krishna smiles. She turns back and says she came her on her maaji’s insistence, else she does not consider him as husband at all and removes her bridal veil. He takes it and smiles.

Jigar, Pari and Monica come back and start yelling at her that she made a drama of suicide and blackmailed Gopi to marry Dr. Krishna, asks Gopi is having daughters and grandchildren, even then she did not listen to Gopi’s pleads. Kokila says she wants Gopi to lead a happy life. Jigar says she wanted to get rid of Gopi to enjoy her old age in America with Baa and Hetal. Kokila starts crying. Pari says she ruled this house for years and even now wants to rule, but her time is over now. They continue confronting her and Kokila continues crying.

Precap: Kokila walks on road devastated and meets with an accident. Gopi senses her in trouble and shouts Maajiiiiiiii.

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