Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2016 Written Episode

Premlatha warns Gopi to act as she says, else she will lose her maaji. Gopi starts crying vigorously. Premlatha then calls Kokila and orders to keep quiet and act normally, else she will lose her Gopi bahu. Kokila pleads not to harm Gopi and says she will do whatever she says. Premlatha asks her to inside Modi bhavan and acts normally until pathologist takes her blood.

Gopi calls Ahem, Jigar, Hetal, etc.., and says she is not mad and they should free her. Kokila enters . Ahem asks why did she go out. Kokila stands silently. She hears Gopi shouting that she is not mad and thinks she is responsible for Gopi’s condition. Pathologist comes and takes her blood sample.

Dharam thanks god for making Meera express her love for him. He hugs Meera and says he is the happiest person in the world now. Meera asks if he will give what she asks. He says he will give whatever she asks. Gaura shouts if he has gone and warns not to become daan veer Karn. Dharam asks Meera what she needs. She says he has to forget her and divorce her. Gaura smirks and thinks Meera is destroying herself.

Kokila then cries looking at Gopi’s condition, but fearing Premlatha leaves silently.

Meera gives divorce papers to Dharam and asks to sign. He signs them with shivering hands, weeping.

Precap: Gopi is forcefully taken into mental hospital van. Family feels sad.

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