Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th September 2016 Written Episode

Jaggi says police that Mansi invited him. Inspector says Krishna told they are thieves. Jaggi says Mansi invited them for dinner. Urmila says, if they are thieves, they would have escaped via window, Mansi knows Ahem very well. Jaggi says Mansi is her close friend and if they search house, they will find special pics of them. Mansi says she knows them, but they came without invitation. Premila shouts to arrest Urmila and remand her. Gopi says they cannot as police cannot arrest a woman after 6 p.m. Inspector says they cannot arrest Urmila even tomorrow as it is weekend. He leaves with constables warning Mansi not to disturb them for silly reasons. Jaggi leaves taunting Mansi to prepare proper food before calling them next time. Mansi and her team fume in anger.

waits for Gopi, Jigar, Jaggi and Urmila. Jaggi enters with all of them and says he is back. Urmila says they could not get papers. Kokila says they can only pray god. Jaggi says they should take a family selfie, who knows they may have to leave this house soon. Gopi reminisces Ahem wanting to take selfie with her, gets teary eyed and walks out. Jaggi says Urmila that her neice is unpredictable. Whole family walks out next.

Mansi yells that Jaggi was very intelligent and escaped easily. Pari comes out from hiding. Mansi asks if she was also with Jaggi and Urmila. She says she came to talk to her. Mansi yells and sends her out.

At Dharam’s house, Naiya’s puppet choreographer comes for dance rehearsals again. Naiya signals her. She in lieu of pampering Priyal pushes chair on which ACP is standing and fixing flowers. Flowers fall on Meera and he removes flowers from her head and praises Meera’s beauty. Dharam hears that and fumes in jealousy. Naiya asks Dharam to practice at least now. He says he does not have mood and walks out angrily.

Mansi shouts in front of Premila that she wants to destroy Modi family. Premila says their target is Gopi and they have to destroy her.

Jaggi calls his friends and plans to tackle Mansi and her goons with old slippers, rotten tomatoes, etc. Gopi says he does not have to do that. Mansi enters with Premila and Krishna and says she will destroy Jigar first. Gopi says he can destroy her house, but cannot break her family’s unity. Premila says why will they destroy house, they will come and stay on their part of house. She yells once they prove that Jaggi is an imposter of Ahem, they will take back Gopi and send her to mental hospital permanently.

Precap: Jai and Veeru inform family that Jaggi is no where at home. Urmila says what if he has left.

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