Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th November 2015 Written Episode

Meera leaves hospital after Ahem slaps her and reaches Gaura’s home. She sees Gaura making drama of doing charity for Kokila’s life and requesting people to pray for her friend life. After people, Gaura gives Durga also blanket and grocery and says even she is poor. She asks Meera how is Gaura now. Meera says daadi’s condition is critical. Gaura and Dharam starts drama again. Meera asks to stop her drama as Modi family knows she tried to kill Daadi. Dharam shouts to shouting at baa. Meera also shouts. Gaura asks him to keep quiet.

Gopi cries in front of family telling how can Gaura try to kill her maaji. Doc says there are wounds on Kokila’s head like somebody tried to hit her with rod and because of it oxygen is not reaching Kokila’s brain. Ahem says he knows what to do now and gives police complaint against Gaura.

Gaura brainwashes Meera that Modi family does not love her at all and find chances to slap her. She continues that Kokila and Gopi made this death drama to trouble her and send her to jail. Meera silently stands confused.

Inspector reaches and says he came to arrest Gaura Suryavanshi on Ahem Modi’s complaint for trying kill his mother. Dharam pushes inspector and asks how dare he is to arrest his baa. Inspector asks him to behave and says he has to arrest Gaura on Ahem’s complaint. Dharam shouts that he does not who he is, he will get him suspended. Gaura says Dharam that inspector has warrant and he should inform lawyer instead now. She tells Meera that Kokila played her game and got her arrested. She asks constable to take her now. Constable takes out hand cuff. Dharam says she cannot handcuff baa and asks Meera to go with Gaura. Meera says she will not go anywhere as Daadi needs her. Dharam taunts that Modi family slapped and kicked her out. Meera says she will pray at temple. Gaura says she should for Kokila’s life and says now she should trust her and soon truth will be out. Meera says she is waiting for truth and goes to temple. Dharam orders Durga to go with Baa. Baa while walking with police thinks Kokila is troubling her even while dying.

Ahem tells Gopi that he got Gaura arrested. Gopi says she will punish Gaura by locking her into suitcase and throwing it in water like she did with maaji.

Meera reminisces Kokila’s love in childhod and prays god to save her daadi’s life and says god knows she cannot harm her daadi.

Vidya standing outside ICU room looks at Kokila and prays god to save her daadi. Shravan tries to console her, but stop. Meera calls Jigar. He silently walks away and picks call. Meera asks how is daadi and requests not to disconnect call. Jigar says dadi’s condition is critical.

Gopi enters Kokila’s ICU room and promise comatosed Kokila that she will punish Gaura for her heinous act.

Precap: Kokila’s vital signs monitor goes blank. Gopi shouts maajiii….

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