Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2016 Written Episode

Mona and Pari joke about Urvashi, Parag and Kokila that Parag is getting buy one get one free. Sona and Urmila hear that and scold them that they are betrayers and make a hole in a plate they eat in.

Meera and Vidya takes clothes to Naiya’s room and and tell her these are her wedding clothes. Vidya taunt Naiya that they did not think that Naiya’s wedding day will arrive so soon and she will have to leave their house so early. Naiya fumes in jealousy.

Mansi thinks of taking revenge from Gopi and Jaggi. She acts as sleeping on her bed. Premila enters and seeing her sleeping prays god to fill her daughter’s life with happiness and leaves closing door. Mansi wakes up and leaves.

Jaggi goes to temple. At Modi bhavan, Gopi reminisces Jaggis
anger for his father Parag. Urmila comes and tells her that she is Jaggi’s teacher now and he will only to her and she should try to calm Jaggi. Gopi leaves for temple to search Jaggi. Mansi hides and points gun at Jaggi and is about to shoot him when Gopi enters temple. Mansi stops. Gopi asks Jaggi what is he doing here, whole family is worried about him.

Meera goes to kitchen and picks something from fridge. She injures her hand and it starts bleeding. Ritesh passes by and hearing her crying with bleeding hand, gets concerned and checks her wounds. Dharam comes and fumes seeing them closer.

Gopi holds Jaggi’s hand and takes him outside temple and asks what is he doing here, whole family is worried about him. He asks which family. She says his family, papaji is waiting to hug him. He says Pagar modi is not his father. Gopi says he does not know truth. He asks if she knew about this from before. She says yes but…He says he did so much for her, even then she did the fact and betrayed him. She says Modi bhavan is his house. He says he has his own house chawl #32, room #36. At Modi bhavan, Kokila gives food to Urvashi and asks her to eat and stop worrying about Jaggi. Pari tells Mona she is feeling guilty that whole family is starving and she ate. Mona says even she is and keeps food plate back. Kokila asks Urvashi not to worry, Gopi has gone to bring Jaggi and he will be back home. Jaggi continues scolding Gopi and says he will not come with her. He walks.. Mansi points gun at Jaggi standing at a distance. Gopi notices it and opens her mouth wide in a shock.

Precap: Mansi points gun towards Jaggi and shoots. Gopi runs to save Jaggi.

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