Rishton Ka Saudagar – Baazigar 1st July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kailash asking what revenge. Aarav says you will understand this very soon, patience is the key. He leaves. Kailash goes to Aarav at night, and sees him sleeping. He caresses Aarav. Parul looks on. She tells Kailash that Aarav’s behavior is nothing new. Kailash cries and asks how shall I get courage, he crossed limits and ruined a girl’s life, I can kick him out, I m afraid, when I scolded him for getting less marks, he has cut his wrist, when I did not give him pocket money, he left home, I sometimes hate him, but he is my son. Parul cries. Kailash says I love him a lot, I can’t live by losing him. Parul says you did duties of being a good father, Aarav could not accept our relation, he thinks.. He says he thinks I cheated his mother, so that’s why his mother left him, but
you know whats the truth. She nods. Kailash says you know what happened. She says yes, don’t hurt yourself by recalling past, truth will come out some day, your and Aarav’s distance will end.

Its morning, Aru is doing some work. Dadi says we should take care of you, and here you are taking care of us. Aru says Papa does not care for himself, we remind him to take medicines. Dadi says I m glad seeing you, will you have tea. Aru asks now? Dadi says yes, you can have ginger tea anytime. Aru nods. Tanvi and Nikki come there. Nikki asks Aru to help. Aru says yes, tell me. Nikki says its my friend’s marriage, can I take your bridal dress and this kamarbandh, its of no use now. Aru sees that and thinks of Aarav gifting her a kamarbandh. FB shows Aarav making her wear the kamarbandh. He holds her. Baazigar……………plays…… He says even if I stay with you or not, this Kamarbandh will make you feel that I held you always. Tanvi says Nikki, its your right to get this, and Aru does not need this now. Aru asks Nikki to take it. She goes. Tanvi says see what happens next.

Ashwin is on the way and some goons follow him. They snatch the money bag from Ashwin. Ashwin says that man has stolen my bag, it has money. A guy helps Ashwin and takes him on his bike to follow the thieves. The thieves call Tanvi. Tanvi asks them to get money to her, they will get their prize, don’t act clever, your details will reach police. Tanvi tells Nikki that no one will know of this now, Ashwin saved money for Aru’s marriage, we will get that money. Aru sees her bridal dress and recalls Tanvi’s words. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage………..plays…….

Aru recalls her marriage day and cries. She says Aarav you punished me, you would have told me my crime too. Aarav recalls Kailash’s words and gets some key. Dadi comes and says you are not giving me time, there is something in these books. Aarav says no, just you and books are in my heart. She asks about the man who came as bride that day. Aarav asks are you mixing your drinks. She says how can anyone leave beautiful Aru. Parul comes there. She says you have complaints with me, why are you getting angry on Aru. He says its not related to you. She says then don’t do this with Aru.

He says wow, what an emotional look, you got Kailash with this look right, if you insist, I m thinking to marry Aru. Parul and Dadi smile. Aarav says but on one condition. He gets papers and says this is the condition, its divorce papers of you and dad, sign on this and I will marry Aru, think of this as deal or compromise, if you want me to marry Aru, you have to sign on this, I m having these papers since childhood. Dadi asks what are you saying. Aarav says I m such because of Parul and Kailash. He gets angry. He asks them to leave. He asks Parul to take tea and biscuits, I don’t need your sympathy.

Ashwin fails to get money and comes back home. He tells Manjunath and everyone about the stolen money. He says he has to give money to contractor. He tells them how did this happen. Aru cries and says problems are coming because of me. Manjunath says everything will be fine. Aru says I will join my job again, I will support Papa. Tanvi asks do you think your little earnings will cover the loss, you can lose home too. She gives a bowl to Aru and asks her to start begging. She puts a coin and asks her to beg more, else your dad will need to beg. Aru’s mum scolds Tanvi. Tanvi says if the contractor takes house then…. The men come and ask for money. They all get shocked.

Aru tells the men that money got stolen. The man says our money got stolen, we will drag Ashwin to police station.

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