Qubool Hai 28th December 2015 Written Episode

Part 1

Armaan is sleeping and dreams of Mahira leaving him. He wakes up with a start. He turns to look and finds a note on the bed. He reads it and it gives him clues to reach to Mahira. He looks at the mirror and finds another clue.

Meanwhile Amad is busy having fun with Gazala – Latif. He makes them both search the whole house for some mysterious gifts. Armaaan finds another clue in a hanky in cupboard. He then comes to find another clue, its a red wedding dupatta and has another note in it. Mahira meanwhile is in the kitchen. Armaan checks the bangle box and theres another clue asking him to open the windows of the room.

Mahira is walking upto her room as Amaad watches Gazala-Latif run around. Amaad thinks that theres a gift that will change Mahiras life. Armaan reaches to the final clue which is a pic of Mahira-Amaad in wedding attire. Before he can look at it, Mahira comes and Armaan stops. They hug. She notices the pic. Armaan asks Mahira where was she and that his day should start with her. Armaan is going to see the final clue when Mahira stops and diverts him. Armaan insists on completing the game but Mahira stops him and says the picture is not the right clue, forget it. She hugs him.

Sanam-2 is making Ehsaan give her massage. She says life is so weird, two people meet and fall in love. Ehsaan says yes, i met you and thought you are my life. Sanam-2 says i din feel so but now i know we both are made for each other. Ehsaan leads Sanam-2 for a surprise.

Amaad is pacing in his room and fumes that Mahira ruined his plans. Mahira goes to confront Amaad. Amaad fakes innocence saying was joking. Mahira says this is not a joke. It could have ruined my marriage. Amaad says then what is the use of this relationship. Mahira says i believe in this relation. Amaad asks then why did you leave me. Mahira says i din get married to you, this is a lie. Amaad shows her a nikahnama of their wedding. He says have even more proof that will show we are married. Mahira asks Amaad how long since you have been planning all this. You faked memory loss to enter this house. Amaad laughs and says you are so intelligent. Mahira says i supported you at every step. Amaad says then why leave me after marriage. Mahira says i din marry you. Amaad says prove it or else this nikahnama is there.Amaad says had Armaan seen this pic, the game would have ended but now it will be super fun.

Part 2

Granny is in tears as she prays before Allah for letting her house be destroyed. Her grandson turning to a devil and the witch snatching all. She is about to throw the taveez when she recollects Baba telling her that she can use the taveez till she has faith on Allah. She apologizes for losing faith. Ehsaan – Sanam-2 are coming closer when Sanam-2 is coughing. Ehsaan rushes to call Granny. She is relieved to hear Sanam-2 is unwell. She thanks Allah. Sanam-2 keeps coughing as Granny shows her the taveez. Finally Granny stops herself. Self thought, i wont let her die so easily. Sanam-2 is taken aback. Ehsaan hugs Sanam-2 feeling relieved.

Kaynat is setting the bed. Sameer watches her. His cell rings. He says work will be done. He is drunk. Kaynat asks him who called. He keeps mum. He picks up a knife and turns to Kaynat. She is terrified. Sameer drops the knife. He pulls Kaynat close to himself and hugs her. He picks her up and puts her on the bed. He is about to get close to her. She smells that he is drunk. He starts to strangle her. She passes out. Sameer says you ruined my life so i took your life. Bye.

Part 3

Mahira comes to Armaan and offers him a jacket. He wears the jacket of Mahira’s choice. Armaan says you are luck that you have a hubby who listens to his wife. Mahira says am very luck to have a hubby who loves me so much. Promise me you will do one thing. Please let Amaad stay in this house. Amaad is furious. Mahira explains that Amaad has lost his memory. Let him stay. Armaan agrees. He asks Mahira why she is so worried for him. Anyways, i love you. He hugs her and heads off. Amaad watches from far.

Amaad says girls drive me mad but these are gonna cost you a lot Mahira.

Precap — Armaan and Amaad come drunk singing ‘Thodi si jo pi li hai’. Armaan walks inside and Mahira watches shocked. Amaad asks Mahira to let Armaan be. He is not a kid. Mahira slaps Amaad.

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