Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 27th January 2016 Written Episode

Ishan wakes up early in the morning and looks at Preet. He reminisces his happier days with her and leaves home. Preet in her dreams reminisces Badi maa praising her and telling she and Ishan and incomplete without each other and whole family are proud of them, etc…

Ishan reaches Baba’s den. Baba asks if he is ready and reminds him of his childhood. Ishan reminisces meeting baba in his childhood and telling that rival country’s army killed his parents. Baba brainwashes him to take revenge from rival country. At present, Baba brainwashes if he is ready to take revenge now. Ishan says yes. Baba says get ready to sacrifice his life for his country and explains his plan. Ishan/Rizwan nods yes and Sana says she will back Rizwan.

Shergill rushes into Hooda house with his team and asks Preet where is Ishan. She says he left already. She asks his men to search Ishan. Bade papa and badi maa ask where is Ishan, what is Shergill talking about. Preet says he is not their Ishan, but terrorist Rizwan from rival country. Badi maa and papa asks what is he telling. Preet says he is right. Badi maa says Ishan is her son and cannot be a terrorist. Preet says he is a terrorist and saw him planning bomb blasting yesterday. Badi maa starts crying vigorously. Preet consoles her and asks Sid to bring water for her. Badi maa continues crying vigorously.

Bade papa picks gun and says he will kill Rizwan for playing with his family’s emotions. Sid and Preet stop him. He gets heart attack and falls down unconscious.

Precap: Shergill’s officer surround Rizwan’s building and Shergill orders them to kill him. Preet pleads to let her go and bring Rizwan to surrender. She goes and knocks door. Rizwan says he will kill whoever is outside. She says it is her.

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