Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil 10th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meher telling Suman that Abeer has separated her with Ishaan. Suman asks her not to worry and says Ishaan will return to you. Meher says she will go to Sasha’s house. Suman asks her to calm down and come with her. Akshat wonders how Ishaan went with Abeer, as he hates him. Abeer asks Ishaan to search fast. Ishaan says he is searching and asks how did Meher get the idea of this traser game. Abeer says my mummy is very intelligent, but she has done one mistake and that is she has chosen Akshat. Ishaan shows him hand punch and says his mamma is very nice. Abeer thinks yes, and thinks he will make his son like him. Ishaan searches and gets a gift box. He says he got the clue. He opens the box and reads the note. He says I have to do the photo shoot in this dress. Abeer says it is written by your mom.

Sasha apologizes to Meher and says her phone battery was low. Meher asks Sasha, if Abeer told her anything about Ishaan. Sasha says Abeer told that Ishaan is his son. Meher says that is the problem. He makes Ishaan wear clothes like him, and takes out his specs. Ishaan says I couldn’t see. Abeer calls Appendix and asks him to come soon. He asks Appendix to record their song. Abeer and Ishaan sings Mere Nishan’s song. Abeer sends the video to Meher and thinks Meher will yearn for Ishaan now. Sasha calls Abeer. Meher receives Abeer’s MMS. She is shocked to see Ishaan and Abeer singing song. She says it is a studio and hugs Sasha. She goes to studio and asks Appendix. Appendix walks sadly and tells I don’t know about him. Meher asks where is he? Appendix says I don’t know anything Bhabhi. Meher asks him not to call her bhabhi. She says I want my son.

Abeer takes Ishaan to a parlour to groom him. He thinks he was not with him since all these years and will now compensate for the lost time. Ishaan is happy. He says Meher doesn’t allow him to enjoy. Abeer says we will do a lots of masti. Ishaan apologizes for beating him. Abeer says we are friends, so sorry or thank you. Ishaan asks what is the plan now? Abeer says there is no difference between you and me. He shows the contact lenses and takes off his specs. He makes him wear contact lenses and says you are looking like a rockstar like me. He takes his photo and asks him to smile. He then takes selfie with him. He then sends MMS and message to Meher, that she will have the same feeling of staying away from her son till 8 hours. Meher receives the MMS and says don’t play this game.

At Park, Abeer thinks it is 3 pm now, and says very soon 8 hours will be completed. Ishaan thinks Meher let him play today and says thanks Mamma. A girl comes to Ishaan and asks him to let her play the car. Ishaan refuses and asks her to go. Ishaan plays with remote car. Abeer thinks Ishaan is running away from girls being my son. He goes to Ishaan and asks him not to talk arrogantly with her. He asks him to talk politely with her. Ishaan agrees and plays with the girl. Meher calls Akshat. Akshat says we will inform in police. Just then she gets Abeer’s message that he is coming home with Ishaan. Meher informs Akshat that they are coming home.

Meher is restless and wonders if Abeer took care of him or not. Suman says Ishaan went with his Papa. She asks if they will stare her, and goes. Akshat says he is taking care of Ishaan like a father, but Suman still don’t accept him. Meher apologizes. Ishaan comes running to Meher and hugs her. Akshat kisses him. Ishaan asks where is my treasure hunt gift. Abeer says driver will bring as it is very big. Meher asks what is this new drama?

Driver brings the gift. Abeer gives it to him. Ishaan opens the gift and sees guitar. Abeer says your mum wants you to play guitar. Abeer asks Ishaan to sing the song. Ishaan sings Mere Nishan song annoying everyone. Abeer claps for him. Devki says very nice and asks Ishaan to change the clothes. Ishaan says he has recorded the song in the studio and asks if she has gone anytime. He says then he has worn contact lenses in his eyes and will continue to wear it. He says best part is that I made girl friend in the park. Everyone is taken aback.

Akshat asks him to go and change clothes first. Ishaan says okay and goes. Abeer says Meher that you will ask me questions now. He says you will file case against me through Devki. Meher asks how dare you take my son away. Abeer says how dare you to keep my son away from me. Meher says he is her son and it is her wish. Abeer says I took Ishaan away from you for 8 hours, and says now you might be feeling how I felt when came to know about my son. Akshat tries to interfere. Abeer asks him to stay in side and not to try to come in between. He says Ishaan has become like him,but his mind has become like of kabutar. He says he will correct it too. Meher looks on.

Abeer says Ishaan is his own flesh and blood and says he don’t know anything about law. Meher says Ishaan is not your son, but mine. She asks where was you when Ishaan needed you. I was with him, and says you have no right on Ishaan.

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