Parvarish Season 2 7th July 2016 Written Episode

Ria, Adi and Jogi, jassi family meet with DCP. They tell him everything. They tell him that their kids are not guilty. DCP agrees and tells them to go home this problem. After they leave, DCP son Kartik comes out of the room. He tell DCP that it is wrong. DCP tells him to keep quiet, don’t tell anyone that he did the accident, hide his car and he will get the blame on jogi, ria, jassi and adi.

Jogi, Jassi, Adi, Ria and family plan a party at home. Jogi, Adi, Jassi, Ria goes to invite DCP. They see Kartik. DCP tells them that Kartik just came home today that’s why they didn’t see him yesterday. Kartik tells them that he has been hearing about the accident case from his dad for the last 4 days.
DCP meets with Suri and Ria family and tells them to ask kids to fake accept the accident. then real guilty will be relaxed and will do something that will help him to catch that person. DCp says there is no other was otherwise the kids will be arrrested.

Meanwhile, Jogi, Jassi Adi and Ria are in the room at their house and Jassi tells them something is wrong. Kartik was shamed and couldn’t look into eyes. DCP lied too. DCP said Kartik came home today but Kartik said he has been hearing about the accident for the last 4 days. She asks when was the accident, Jodi says 4 days ago. Jassi and Ria tell everything to their parents. Jogi and Adi come home and tells everyone that it was Kartik who did the accident and DCP is Blaming them.

Parents say what can they do now as he is DCP. Jassi suggest an idea and everything will happen in the party. They narrate the whole incident via song which is sang by Suri and Ria mother. DCP tells them to stop. He is angry with them and tells them no one will be able to save their kids. Suri tells Kartik to speak truth as he shouldn’t blame someone else. DCP tells Kartik to go and don’t listen to them. Kartik tells DCP that he will speak the truth. he tells dcp that he was his role model but now ashamed of him for taking uniform advantage. He tells everyone that he did the accident.

DCP apologises to everyone.

All share happy moments.

NO PRECAP / Show Ended.

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