Parvarish Season 2 28th December 2015 Written Episode

Jassi panics reminiscing her childhood incident. Surinder consoles her and asks what happened that day in mela. Jassi continues crying.

Sweetie madam comes on stage and asks students to guess who won essay competition. Everyone chant Adiya’s name. Aditya smirks in pride. Sweetie madam announces Jassie’s name. Ria and Aditya are shocked to hear that.

Jogi tells Surinder that Jassi won and asks Jassi to come and take trophy. Jassi says she wants to go home. Surinder says she is right and takes them both out. Sweetie madam calls them. Surinder thinks if she meets her in front of children, her old secret will be out. She rushes children towards auto, but autodriver does not agree to come. She eagerly calls other autos. A lady lets her auto. Surinder rushes in with children and leaves.

Surinder reaches home with Jassi and Jogi. Biji asks Jogi if he won. He says Jassi won. She makes weird faces and says for her he is the winner and not Jassi. Surinder says Jassi talked about her fear today. Biji gets tensed. Surinder says Darji she will go to Jassi’s room first and check her.

Jassi cries locking room. Surinder knocks door and repeatedly asks to open door, but Jassi continues crying and does not open door. Darji downstairs scolds Biji for her mistake that day. Biji says Jassi herself left her hand in mela and she is not at fault. Surinder comes and says she will get fear out of Jassi’s mind forever soon.

Ria reaches home. Simran congragulates her and says she knew her daughter would win. Ria says her favorite Jassi won, not her. Simran says it is good if children like Jassi win. Ria says she used her usualy emotional tears and won with sympathy, people like emotional atyachar and not talent.

Surinder holds railing and calls Jassi to help, else she will fall down. Jassi runs into balcony and holds her hand. Kulvinder comes and panics seeing her hanging. Jassi pulls her and asks what if she would have fallen. Surinder says when she is there, how can she fall. Sweetie madam comes and Jogi informs Surinder that their chief guest Sweetie madam has come.

Precap: Biji hides seeing Sweetie madam. Surinder requests Sweetie madam not to inform anything to children. Sweetie madam says they cannot run away from their past.

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