Parvarish Season 2 25th March 2016 Written Episode

Jassi wins student of the year competition’s first round. All students congratulate her. Jogi invites all students to play holi in his society. Coach gives some moral gyaan and wishes them best of luck for their holidays.

Simran’s Pratibha aunty comes to meet her from Amritsar. Raj and she go out and receive her from auto. Raj touches her feet and asks why did not she call him to pick her up. She says there is heavy traffic in Delhi, he would have wasted his time. Darji comes out of his house and hidesd seeing Pratibha, thinks she will create problem. Jogi comes and sees him peeping and taunts that he is a peeping tom.

Aunt goes in and starts chatting with them. Ria comes in speaking over phone. Simran stops her and asks her to touch Pratibha aunty’s feet. Aunty says girls should not touch feet. Raj asks which position she got in competition. She says 3rd. He says as usual.

At night, Simran’s family come out for holika dahan. Raj says Ria that she will not use water holi this time and will use dry colors. She complains. Kulvinder also tells Jogi same and even Jogi complains. They both try to convince parents unsuccessfully. Jogi says he has invited all his school friends for holi celebrations tomorow and will get insulted. Kulvinder says he does not care. Ria calls Adi repeatedly, but he does not pick call. Simran notices her and asks whom she is calling. She says Jogi, Dolly.. Simran takes her in.

In the morning, holi celebrations start. Jogi buys bhang to mix it in food. Simran asks Ria to apply oil on hair before playing holi. She resists. Pratibha aunty convinces her. Jogi goes to home and Surinder leaves him in kitchen. Jogi finds no one at home and tries to add bhang in food. Jassi comes and catches him. He scolds and sends her out and mixes bhang.

Jogi and Jassi’s school friends come to celebrate holi. Adi also comes and emotionally blackmails Ria and leaves smirking that he will distract her from student of the year competition. Two goons see girls in party and Jassi and enter in to flirt.

Precap: Adi asks Ria to kiss him if she loves him. She walks towards him. Simran watches them from distance. Goons misbehave with Jassi and she slaps them.

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