Parvarish Season 2 10th June 2016 Written Episode

photo…and silently run from there. They come out and see inpsector near car. They all 4 discuss what he must be discussing with constables. They read his lips. Jassi and Adi and hide behind nearby wall and listen to his conversation. Jogi starts his jokergiri and says policemen are usually laxy with big tummy and small brain, etc… DCP Pandey hears this and holds his shoulder. Jogi gets afraid and starts praising police. Pandey asks what are other 2 doing near wall. Jogi says Ria knows, Ria says Jogi knows. Jogi says they are spying inspector. He joins other 2 and they all run towards car. Inspector stops them and says he saw them somewhere else. Jogi says he saw them dancing. Parents come and Raj thanks Pandey for the event. All 4 run and sit in car. Kulvinder says children are arrogant not to thank police. Suri asks Jogi and Jassi to thank Pandey and his team. All 4 shout thank you uncle from car. Parents drive car home.

Jassi and Jogi discuss about accident. Biji comes speaking over phone and says relatives from Punjab are calling to congratulate them. Darji also comes speaking to his relatives. Jassi says they should inform mammaji. Jogi says she is right. They both go out to meet their friends.

Ria speaks to Adi over phone and sees Simran and Raj fighting if they will keep her certificatre at home or in clinic. They both try to convince her to take their side. She walks out nervously. Simran thinks something is wrong.

All 4 meet and discuss that they cannot hide secret from their parents anymore. Jassi says she wrote letter for mama and will give it to her. Suri with Simran comes and asks what letter. They ask if they are hiding something and misusing freedom. They both continue.

Precap: Simran slaps Ria and says she always disappointed her. Raj says he is ashamed of her.

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