Naagin 27th March 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Shivanya getting jealous seeing Rithik sleeping peacefully. She slides curtain and lets sunrays fall on Rithik. Rithik wakes up and says why she disturbs his sleep. She says he takes whole bed and even pulls her like bedsheet. He says it is his bed and he can sleep as he likes. Their romantic nok jhok continues. She sleeps next to him and thinks she cannot love him.

Ankush does gardening in maali’s attire and sings Bhojpuri song. Angad asks him to give his favorite flower for his girlfriend. Ankush plucks flower and gives it to hm. Angad is shocked to see his dad in maali’s clothes and asks what is he doing. Whole family gathers. Ankush tells Yamini proposed him seeing him in this attire. Yamini thinks he will tell her secret to Shivanya and takes him to their room and then beats him.

Sesha tortures Gurumaa and asks to tell who is 5th murderer. Gurumaa says Rithik’s relatives and falls unconscious. Gurudev says she means someone from Rithik’s family and she needs to find out.

Sangram Singh on cliff thinks he has to save his son Yuvraj from Yamini. Someone hits his head from behind and he falls down. He is shocked to see Rithik in front of him, says he is his son Yuvraj and falls unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Panchner haveli. Rithik comes and Sangram says he is his son Yuvraj and his sister Yamini who killed his family and took all his wealth wants to kill even him and he should be careful. Rithik asks where is nagmani. Sangram says if he will know where nagmani is, Yamini will kill him to get nagmani. Rithik walks out and changes into Sesha. Sesha goes back to Shiv mandir. Shivanya also comes. Sesha tells Yamini is 5th murderer. Shivanya does not believe and says Yamini loves her family and even got her son married to a stranger for his happiness. Shesha asks her to confirm herself.

Shivanya goes to Yamini’s room in Sangram’s form and strangulates Yamini’s neck asking why did she betray him, why she wants to kill his son. Yamini with gurumaa’s ring realizes it is nagin and starts acting that Sangram is greedy instead and killed everyone along with Ankush and even killed icchadhari nags for nagmani. She pleads not to kill Rithik. Rithik comes, Shivanya escapes. Yamini thinks if Sangram is dead, then how did he come here. She smirks thinking that now Shivanya will kill Sangram if he is alive and both her enemies will die. She goes to Ankush and asks if he checked Sangram’s dead body or not. He says Sangram is dead. She says he is alive and should die. She beats Ankush again.

Shivanya goes back to shiv mandir and tells Sesha that Sangram is 5th murderer and not Yamini. Gurudev says Guruma was pointing at Sangram then. Sesha tells Shivanya if she kills Sangram, she will lose Rithik, but she has to fullfill her promise and kill all 5 murderers, else her parents’ souls will not be in peace. Shivanya gets in to a delemma how to kill Rithik’s father.

Sangram comes to shiv mandir and is shocked to see Sesha is icchadhari nagin. Sesha tells gurudev that Shivanya is falling in Rithik’s love and is forgetting her motto. She married Rithik to kill all 5 murderers, but she is hesitating to kill 2 remaining murderers. Sangram thinks he has to save his son from icchadhari nagins Shivanya and Sesha.

Precap: Yamini tells Shivanya that Ankush and Sangram killed nag and nagin. She then sees duplicate shivanya going with Rithik and thinks what is this new scene. Rithik asks Shivanya to hug her and sleep as he wants to feel her. Sesha hugs and feels him from behind.

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