Naagin 26th March 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Sangram Singh going back to haveli and seeing 5-mouthed snake. He reads a historical book and through pictures sees a barbaric clan which kills humans. He says mahishmati clan is coming to trouble human, he will close all the windows and droors and not let them come in. He requests 5-mouth snake to protect nagmani. He then says he will have to inform his son Rithik and save him. A honey bee enters and he kills it with his feet.

Mayuri comes to Yamini’s room with blood on her hands. Yamini asks whose blood it is. Mayuri says nagin’s. Yamini gets happy and says now Shivanya is alone and will not harm her, it is good she killed Shivanya’s sister. Mayuri says she did not kill nagin yet as she can tell where nagmani is. Yamini asks will she really tell. Mayuri says gurumaa will force her to tell where nagmani is. Shivanya knocks door. Yamini gets tensed and asks who is it. Shivanya says it is her. Yamini opens door. Shivanya sees Mayuri and says she tried to lure Rithik and break their marriage. Yamini scolds Mayuri for trying to break her son’s marriage and says she will not stay here. She drags Mayuri and throws her out of house. She then apologizes Shivanya for letting Mayuri stay here. Shivanya says it is not her mistake.

Shivanya goes to her room. Rithik taunts her she sent back her sautan from, what tactic did she use. Shivanya stuff spoon with cough syrup in his mouth and laughs. At night, he gets a dream about Sangram singh fighting with enemy and forcing him to run. Child Rithik watches that. He murmurs in dream, he forced enemy to flew. Shivanya wakes up and thinks Ankush must be attacking Rithik in dream, she has to protect Rithik from Ankush.

Yamini gets ready in killer’s attire with overcoat and cap, etc.. Ankush asks why did she send Mayuri, who will kill nagin now. She twists his hand and leaves. Ankush murmurs Panchner’s rajkumari tortured him a lot today, he knows what to do now.

Mayuri dances in jungle and looks at Sesha hanging unconscious on tree. Yamini comes and asks why did she call her here. Mayuri says she acts well even in her sixties and shows Shesha. Yamini happily says let us go to Gurumaa now. They go to Gurumaa and Yamini requests gurumaa to come and force nagin to tell where nagmani is. They all go back to jungle and start torturing Sesha.

Shivanya reaches shiv mandir searching for Sesha. Gurudev says she went to her home searching for icchadhari morni. Shivanya reminisces Mayuri dancing like mor and realizes she is icchadhari morni. She tells gurudev that she came from nowhere and was staying in her house. Sesha must have seen her and is missing, gets worried for Sehsa. Gurudev says he will find out where Sesha is with his powers. He starts chanting mantras in front of agni and sees Gurumaa torturing Sesha in jungle.

Sesha overpowers Mayuri and grips Mayuri in her tail. She says nagin’s powers double today if they pray neem tree. She tortures Mayuri instead. Yamini hides behind tree. Shivanya joins Sesha and they both beat Mayuri. Mayuri says they both cannot bite her. Shivanya says nagin has lots of other ways to kill and burns Mayuri by spitting fire from her mouth. Yamini silently runs from there in her car. Gurumaa also runs. Sesha says they will know who the 5th murderer is and will catch Gurumaa first. Shivanya leaves for home. Sesha catches gurumaa. Gurumaa runs all around. Sesha duplicates herself and many Sesha’s surround guruma. Sesha then starts her heavy dialogues and tortures gurumaa.

Yamini reaches home back and sitting on sofa thinks nagin killed Mayuri and even Gurumaa ran away. Shivanya reaches home in nagin’s form and changes to huma. Yamini sees that, but acts as she did not see anything. She calls Shivanya and says she heard her anklet sound, so realized she came back home and asks where was she. Shivanya says at home. Yamini says she searched kitchen, room, everywhere. Shivanya says she was in garden with Rithik. Yamini says that is the only place she did not search her and says it is good she did not interfere their romantic moments. Shivanya leaves. Yamini laughs that Shivanya thinks she does know who she is and she thinks Shivanya does not know she is 5th murderer, soon she will kill Shivanya.

Precap: Sesha asks Gurumaa who is fifth murderer. Gurumaa says Rithik’s father. Sesha tells Shivanya if she kills Rithik’s father, Rithik will not forgive her. Someone hits Sangram Singh’s head and he falls down.

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