Naagin 19th March 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Yamini telling Mayuri icchadhari mor/peacock that Gurumaa told she can identify nagin easily and asking if she identified nagin. Mayuri says she will with nagin’s smell. Sesha enters party to meet Shivanya, changes into Divya, and walks around. Mayuri smells her and says Yamini that nagin is around us. She identifies Divya and says she is nagin. Yamini says she is her neice Divya. Mayuri says she is nagin. Sesha drops water glass by mistake and injures her feet. Mayuri picks glass strand and says Yamini she will show nagin’s face today. She takes her to Yamini’s room and throws blood from glass strand on mirror. Sesha’s face emerges. Yamini says she is the other nagin. Mayuri takes her down and shows Shesha and Divya separately.

Rithik stops Yamini and asks her to show nagmani. Yamini changes topic and slips silently. They both see Sesha going into kitchen. Shesha meets Shivanya in kitchen and shows her Rithik’s family pic with Sangram singh, his wife, baby Rithik, and Yamini. Shivanya says he is Rithik’s real father and if woman is Rithik’s real mother, who is Yamini, they need to find out. Shesha becomes nagin and leaves via hole. Yamini and Mayuri watch that and Yamini asks whom nagin met in kitchen. Mayuri says other nagin. Shivanya comes out of kichen. Mayuri says Yamini that her bahu is nagin. Yamini asks if she has gone mad, she is behind Rithik, so she is alleging her bahu as nagin. Mayuri says she will prove it and asks what Shivanya likes most. Yamini says she does not like jewelry or clothes much, but does not part ways with her mangalsutra. Mayuri says Shivanya’s love is in mangalsutra and she should bring it somehow. Yamini agrees.

Yamini sees Rithik and Shivanya and asks him to enjoy party with bahu and dance with her. They both hesitate. She asks Rithik to recoincile with bahu. She silently steals Shivanya’s mangalsutra in lieu of hugging her. She then goes and gives mangalsutra to Mayuri. Mayuri gains her icchadhari mor’s form, dances, bites mangalsutra and asks her to go and see her bahu’s real avatar. Shivanya feels ill and rushes to her room. She gets into her half human and half nagin form and thinks today not pourmani, then why is she getting into her real form. Yamini silently enters room, sees her in nagin’s form, and returns back to Mayuri. She dances with Mayuri and says she is thief and Mayuri is mor, they both are same. She says wait and watch what she will do now. She goes to Shivanya and shows fake concern for her and says she has not eaten anything, so she will feed her food from her hand. She takes her out forcefully. Shivanya feels weak, sees gurumaa’s ring in her hand, and asks why is she wearing this. Yamini says Rithik and Ankush gifted her. Shivanya says she will have food later as she is feeling unwell. Yamini insists.

Sangram singh reminisces his past where he meets Shivanya’s mother and says shivji has selected them to protect nagmani and asks who will protect nagmani when they die. Mom says her daughter. Sangram singh promises his son will also protect nagmani. He thinks his son and ichadhari nagin’s daughter’s fates are related to nagmania and he has to find out where is baby nagin now.

Shivanya meets Sesha again and tells what happened to her today and says they did not find out who 5th murderer is and now another problem is creeping up.

Yamini goes to her room and frigtens Ankush maali that nagin will bite him if he will lose Gurumaa’s ring. She says snake and she starts jumping in fear. He sits on her seat, then holds her and says nagin knows he is 4th murder and does not know who is 5th murder, what if he informs she is 5th murderer. She says his son wants to see nagmani and is searching him. He says he knows what to do.

Shivany tells Rithik that she is worried about his safety and is just insisting to check nagmani for his safety. If she is proved wrong, she will leave him and this house. Ankush passes by. Rithik stops him and insists to see nagmani. He says he sold it due to loss in business. Rithik says business is running well. Ankush starts emotional drama that he earned so much for his son, but his son is doubting him. He takes Rithik to his room continuing his drama opens jewelry box and shows fake nagmani. Yamini says fake father is breaking acting records and knew this would happen, so he brought fake mani. Ankush continues crying and Yamini consoles him. Rithik angrily looks at Shivanya and walks out. Shivanya thinks fake father showed fake nagmani and fooled him. She also goes out. Rithik says he told her many times that he cannot see his family in pain, she alleged his father and promised that she will leave him and this house, now she should go far away.

Precap: Sesha sees mor pankh in Shivanya’s home and reminisces Gurudev telling mor is staying at Shivanya’s house. Mayuri tells Yamini that her bahu is fooling her. Shivanya hears Yamini confessing that she is not Rithik’s real mother. She sees Rithik and Mayuri intimate in garden. Mayuri and Sesha fight.

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