Meri Sasu Maa 30th July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pari and Bunty seeing Arpita there. Bunty gets angry on Pari and Arpita. Pari says “Your thoughts were right. Arpita was not at school. Whatever you thought it’s right you did it, and I did what I thought it’s right.” She wanted to continue but Bunty gets angry and shouts her to shut up. Pari gets scared. Bunty applauses to Arpita. She is scared. He holds her face and says “Have you forgotten that you are Bunty Chauhan’s sister… the daughter of Vishana Chauhan…!!!”
Maasi Maa is sitting.. Saasu Maa is cooking. Meera arrives. Maasi Maa tells to Saasu Maa that her daughter comes back home on time. She asks her where Pari is? Maa Saab says she will come soon and asks Meera to drink orange juice.
Bunty goes to Pari..
he holds her shoulders. Pari gets scared. Bunty says “You have kidnapped my sister from me? you lied to me… what did you think? I wouldn’t get that out? No Masterji no..” Arpita says “Please brother, please leave her, she is not at fault.” He shouts “Shut up!” She leans to the wall and he leans his hands to the wall and says “Till now, you have seen the gentleman Bunty, but now you are going to see the angry man bunty!” Pari wanted to say something but he doesn’t let her. He says “Shut up, whatever you have to say and had to do, you did! And tonight I will show you, how a real kidnapping will be! Pari gets scared. He takes her hand and takes Arpita’s hand and takes them out from there.
In the next scene. He took them at his house. He slaps the guy’s of his and then goes to Arpita and takes her and asks the guys to take her away. They go. Bunty goes to Pari. Pari tells him that it’s been too late and her mother would be tensed about her and asks him to leave her. Bunty says “Ok, then go.” Pari takes her purse and wants to leave but then Bunty holds her dupatta. Pari gets shocked. He pulls the dupatta and Pari comes closer to him. Both have an eyelock. Bunty says “Go masterji!” He takes a paper and continues “But you have to sign this before you go!”. He gives her the paper. Pari sees it and gets shocked. She says “Resignation Paper?”
Maa Saab is calling Pari and is tensed about her. She says to herself “Why doesn’t she open the phone?” Then she gets an idea to call the school. But no one opens the call. She prays for god to take care of her.
Bunty asks her to sign the letter. He holds her shoulders and she gets disgusted. He makes her sit on the couch. He says “When you stay at school, then Arpita would be more bad. You have to leave the job. Then you will be completely out of Arpita and my life!” She tries to escape and asks him to let her go but he again shouts at her to shut up. Pari says “You can’t force me to sign it. I won’t sign. I am taking care of my family.” He says “You had to think about that before! That you have a family! Now be a good masterji and sign this letter!” He gives her a pen. She throws it again and shouts that she won’t sign the letter. He gets angry and was about to slap her. She gets scared.. He gets up and takes the pen and that time, Pari takes her phone out of her purse and wanted to cal someone but Bunty sees it and runs and takes the phone out of her hands and throws it away. He holds her hands and again makes her sit on the couch. Bunty says “Be a good masterji and sign this letter and take your phone and go from here.” Pari says “I am not gonna sign this letter!” Bunty smiles and sits down and says “You want time? Then take it. You have the whole night time.” Pari begs him to leave her.
Maa Saab is tensed about Pari. She tells Pari’s dad that Pari is still not at home and she is tensed about her. She asks him to go to school. He agrees and both go. They arrive at school but then Maa Saab gets an idea… She tells Pari’s dad to look somewhere and she goes other way to find her.
Meera tells Maasi Maa that Bunty is not replying to her msg’s. Maasi Maa tells her what if Pari and Bunty are together? She tells her to call him. Bunty says that they will meet sometime. Pari was trying to make sounds but Meera cant’s hear her voice. Bunty closes Pari’s mouth with his hand and then he shuts the call. Pari bites on his hand. Bunty asks her if she is hungry. And then he get an idea… he says that she has two option.. first one to sign the letter and leave and second one is to cook for him. She chooses the second one.
In the kitchen. Pari is cooking for him and he sits on the kitchen lab and watches her and teases her. Pari gets irritated with her hairs. Bunty watches her and comes closer to her and takes away her hairs of her face. Pari says “How dare you to touch me?” Bunty says “I don’t like hairs in my food.” But then the guys come. They whisper to Bunty that Pari’s mom came. Pari didn’t hear that. Bunty says “Ok, I will come” he asks one of the guy to look after Pari. He goes from there. Pari acts like she has burned her finger and asks the guy to give her medicines. He goes.
Bunty opens the door. Maa Saab asks him where Pari is. He tells her that he doesn’t know and asks her to come in. But then when he turns around he sees Pari’s purse on the couch. He goes and sits on the couch like Maa Saab can’t see it. Pari closes the door of the kitchen and tries to escape from the window but in vain. Bunty asks Maa Saab “what happened? Are you tensed? Should I help you in finding pari?” Maa saab says “No, I don’t need your help. She will come herself!” The guy comes to the kitchen but sees the door is locked and asks Pari what is this.. Pari comes and opens the door. The guy asks her what she is doing and she takes the box with flour and puts all on him. The guy screams Bunty’s name. Bunty hears that and asks Maa Saab to leave. Maa Saab leaves. Bunty arrives at kitchen.

Pari is trying to escape but she hits her foot somewhere and it bleed, she falls down. She keeps on escaping from him but he touches her belly and make her come closer to him.

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