Meri Sasu Maa 21st July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bunty seeing Maa Saab always fainting. He runs to her and tries to help her. He makes her sit. Maa Saab says “Thank you soo much.. you have saved my life.”

In school. 2 students come to the teachers room. Arpita (Bunty’s sister) asks Pari if they can get extra lessons as they need some help. Pari agrees. She calls Maa Saab and tells her. And Bunty leaves.

Arpita and her friend and Pari go to their house. They go in and sit down. Pari asks them to take their books out and they will start the lesson. But then Bunty opens the door. Pari gets shocked. He comes in and sits on the couch. Bunty ask them to keep on with the lesson. She starts writing something on the board but then the pencil/pen falls down. Bunty takes it up and gives it to Pari. Pari keeps on writing. Bunty gets closer to her from back by holding her hand while she was writing. Pari gets disgusted. Bunty says that he couldn’t read it. She pushes him, goes and takes her back and was about to leave but he stops her.

Maa Saab looks at the clock and gets tensed why Pari didn’t arrive home yet. She calls her. Pari gets a call and takes out the phone. Bunty takes the phone from her hand and looks and says that her mom is calling. He says “Should I open the call and tell her where her daughter is and with whom?” She asks him to stop. He asks her again to apologize heartly. He gives the phone back to her. She gets back to her seat. Bunty asks everyone to leave. Everyone leaves and Pari was again about to leave but Bunty again stops her. Pari asks him to let her go. Bunty says ok, then go. She goes but sees that the door is closed. Bunty sings “Bunty aur Pari ek kamre mein band ho…” Pari asks him to not come closer to her. He pushes him.. and wanted to slap him but he takes her hand… she tries to slap him with her other hand but he again hold her hand. Both look at each other and episode ends.

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