Meri Sasu Maa 19th August 2016 Written Episode

Maa Saab sees Bunty getting out of the godown and before she asks him anything, Bunty makes an absurd excuse and leave from there.

Next morning, Pari is delighted to fulfil the entire order of acustomer and is happy to start Dudh Sagar again, just than customer arrives and is welcomed by Pari and Maa sa but when the customer starts to weigh the ‘paneer’, he realizes that Pari has tried to deceive him by including less paneer into all the packets. He uses bad language and cancel their order, pari is tensed and goes to her room and cry.

Bunty sees the cutomer storming out of the house and enquires with Ammaji about the matter. Maa sa says that order has been cancelled
by customer. Bunty leaves towards his room. Meanwhile, MaaSaa’s son and daughters-in-law claim that Bunty is the one responsible for reducing the ‘paneer’ in the packets and Ammaji too agrees with them.

Maasa goes to bunty and start bad mouthing towards him and ask him why he is behind Pari?? Why he do not let them stay in peace?? Adding that Maasaa saw happiness in her eyes after 1 year but he ruined everything. Bunty refuses to take this blame and reveals to Ammaji that he is in love with Pari. This shocks Maa saa.. He keep his hand on burning candle and tell maa sa that he love Pari and he is not behind all this but please give me 24 Hours and I will find real culprit, if not so, he shalll leave from here. Maasaa hesitately agrees..

In the mean time Pari goes to Customer shop and talk to him about the order. He says you all cheated me. Pari try to convince him; and give him the most valuable thing (sorry i did not got what she was offering); saying her Maa sa given her.. seeing Pari’s dedication towwards work and love for maasaa, he agrees to give them one more chance. Pari is happy and call maasaa..

In kitchen Son and Daughter-in-law are discussing about making money and how to spend it by buying jewellary, house etc. Just than Maa sa arrives and inform them that Pari again got order. Shocking all..

In godwan pari and maa sa is working and Bunty arrives. Maasa and bunty talk in poetic or can say code language about pari and work. And pari is confused. Just than bunty see that pari is weighing extra 10 gm; and he do exact 1 kg and start packing all paneer with maa sa and pari and completing ordee and pack them.

Just than Daughter-in- law shouts about being snake and eggs in the house. All come out and bunty plan something. Bunty ask them is this snake in real or Aastin ka Saap (a proverb). All start searching for snake and goes in bedrooms. Pari and bunty are searching for snake and she ask why is he behind me all tym?? What he wants? Bunty say you!!! And diverte topic the teaching from you. And they share eyelock while cleaning blanket.

Just than customer arrives and ask for delivery. Maasaa goes to get and see opened box and when checks, she gets to know about cockroches in box. Bunty also come and gets shock but maa sa confronts him that he can never be good, he is behind all this and leave from there..

Precap- Maa sa is about to tell about the cockroches spoiling everything, when bunty arrives with box and shock son and daughter-in-law.

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