Meri Sasu Maa 15th August 2016 Written Episode

Bunty once again comes in his father’s way when he tries to create trouble for Pari. Bunty decides to deal with Pari herself.

Pari, on the other hand, claims that she had tried to escape from the place in order teach them all a lesson and this gets Pradhan furious. He hands over a gun to Bunty and asks him to kill Pari but Bunty decides to do it at alone.

He then takes her inside the room and gets furious with her for not trusting him and trying to escape.

Just then, he ends up dropping flowers and ‘sindoor’ on Pari’s forehead and Bunty himself is shocked at what he had just done.

Then, bunty ask his father to constrate on elections and rest leave on me. Pari hugs Maasaa. And pradhan taunts them and show their haveli with asking some goon to bring milk. He throws milk and call servants who turn out to be Bhaiya Bhabhi of Pari/ Maasa elder sons and daughter in laws.

Pradhan tell maasaa and pari that i brought Your haveli with free and banduva majdur.. and everyone laughs… with tensed pari and sattu…

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