Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 6th July 2016 Written Episode

Inebriated Ketki slaps and shouts she will not tolerate her dominance. She will leave this house now. Meenakshi smirks seeing this drama. Devika says she will not let her take Krishna. Ketki says she kis Krishna’s mother. Devika says even if she hits her, she will not let her take Krishna. Ketki leaves.

In the morning, Ketki wakes up and finds herself in Protima’s house. Protima says she fought with her family last night, slapped Kalyani and came here. They even kept her child with them. says she will go back home. Protima tries to stop her, but she leaves.

Kalyani at home tells Devika that Ketki misbehaved with her many times, but this time she is hurt more as she has cheap thinking for her. Ketki enters and apologizes and says she will leave
this house and they can keep Krishna with them. Kalyani says Devika that she can stay here. Devika says let her go out and see the real world. Ketki leaves packing her suitcase.

Ketki goes to Protima’s house and says she needs a rented house. Protima insists to stay at her home and takes her for breakfast. She then gets some producer’s call and tells Ketki her shifting to this house is lucky as producer informed that he is her fan and wants her one song in all his movies. She gives her alcohol to celebrate.

Karan comes to Kalyani’s house and says Aaji that he will call her aaji and asks Devika if he should call her maa, maaji, mom.. Kalyani comes and asks when did he come. He says just now. They both try to tell that they want to marry. Devika understands and says he can call yer aayi as her damaad is also like her son. Karan asks how did she understand. Devika says a mother can understand children’s feelings. She asks who are in Karan’s familyi. Kalyani says Karan has only dad who is angry on him as he did not join his business. Karan speaks to his dad and tells he is coming tomorrow to meet Kalyani and asks her to wear her favorite pink sari. Kalyani nods yes.

Kalyani meets inebriated Ketki outside home and tells he that she is marrying Karan. Ketki drooling says she is happy for her. Kalyani invites her home tomorrow and says she will drop her now. Ketki says Protima is coming to pick her.

Precap: Karan’s father asks Kalyani what her father was. Kalyani says he was an artist. Father scolds Karan that he wants to marry a low-class dancer’s daughter. Kalyani asks Karan to marry the girl of his father’s choice. He says he will die than marrying anyone else.

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