Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 22nd April 2016 Written Episode

Deviika and aayi with Kanishk to go a shop to buy clothes. Shopkeeper converses with Kanishk and says he will give discount if he buys clothes for his sisters. Kanishk requests Devika and aayi to buy clothes for Kalyani and Ketki.

Sohrab drops Kalyani near home and says Kalyani has change after becoming Vikranth’s star. She says whatever it is, oshe will be her tai forever. She then throws bangle aside and he picks it and dorns it in her wrist. She kisses his cheek and leaves smiling.

Kalyani comes home and Ketki says aayi and aaji are not at home. Kalyani says she will not meet Sohrab from today and even she will not. Their argument starts. Kekti agrees that she loves Sohrab. Devika gets a shock and she falls down. Aayi and Kalyani pick Devika and take her home. Rose comes to meet family and tells Kalyani that Ketki is a child and should be explained what is wrong. Kalyani tells Ketki again to stay away from Sohrab as he is not a good man now.

In the morning, Ketki runs at beach side and reminsices Sohrab’s words that Kalyani has changed and will not accept their relationship. She falls down. Kalyani senses her falling. She goes to her room and does not find her. She informs Aayi and Devika that Ketki is not at home. They all start searching Ketki.

Precap: Kalyani tells Devika that even Natasha does not know where Ketki is. Devika tells Sohrab’s mother that Sohrab is her husband’s friend and helped them after his death, but is now behind her daughter. Ketki comes with Sohrab wearing sari after marriage. Whole family looks at her in a shock.

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