Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 17th June 2016 Written Episode

Kalyani goes to meet Sohrab in a hotel room. She injures herself and calls hotel staff and alleges that Sohrab tried to rape her. Hotel staff calls police and gets Sohrab arrested. Kalyani goes back home. Ketki dresses her wound and they both re-bound emotionally. Devi sees that and gets happy that her children reunite during tougher times.

Ketki goes to meet Sohrab and yells at him that she did not think he could stoop so low. Sorhab says he did not try to molest Kalyani and swears on their unborn child.

Lawyer meets Kalyani at her home and say all evidences are against Sohrab and he will go to jail for 7 years. Kalyani reminisces Sohrab demanding to spend a night with him and says 7-year imprisonment is less for Sohrab. Ketki comes back and says she met Sohrab and he told he did not molest her. Kalyani says Sohrab his right, he demanded to spend a night with her and stooped so low, so she taught him a lesson. He ruined Ketki’s life first and wanted to ruin her life. Ketki starts shouting and yelling that she spoilt her life. She would have got divorce from Sohrab in 1-2 years, but because of her ego, she sent Sohrab into jail and now she cannot get divorce from Sohrab. Kalyani tries to convince her, but she continues yelling on her and fights.

In the morning, Devika talks to her husband’s photo and says her children will wish her happy birthday first. Ketki leaves home without wishing and even Kalyani forgets. KVK comes and reminds Kalyani of her doc’s appointment. She thanks him. He insists to accompany her and takes her to doc’s clinic. Doc examines her and says she has to take rest for 1 more week and then she can sing after checkup. Kalyani comes out of clinic and thanks KVK. KVK says no sorry or thank you in friendship and says he notes down everything in his diary and shows her appointment on 17th. She asks if it is 17th and realizes it is her mom’s birthday today.

Megha comes to Meenakshi’s room and says her sindhoor plan failed. Meenakshi says her grandma gave this idea. Megha laughs that conspiring on someone is her family problem. Meenakshi says she will destroy Kalyani completely.

Rose calls Devika to her home. Devika goes. Rose brings birthday cake and wishes her happy birthday. Devika gets sad that her children did not wish her. Rose says they must be busy in their problems and says he children did not wish her since 5 years. Devika says there are prooblems creeping in their lives and must be busy really.

Ketki meets Protima who says she will relaunch Ketki’s item number in a big way and this time, Kalyani will not know about it.

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