Mere Angne Mein 30th April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sarla calling Riya shameless. Riya says Shivam will support me one day, Shanti will tell you. Shanti says I did not see such shameless girl in my life. Riya sits there. Shanti goes. Sarla thinks Shanti used to act like Riya in her young days. Riya stares at her and smiles. Pari stops Vyom and asks whats happening in this houses, whatever Sharmili gave you, give it to me, else I m Pari, I m clever, I will get close to Sujeev. Sharmili and Mama hear them. Sharmili worries.

Sharmili says Pari is saying right, she can get close to Sujeev soon. Mama says yes, Sujeev is liking Pari, if Vyom goes close to Nimmi, then Pari will get close to Sujeev. Sharmili asks what to do, tell me. Mama says Pari should not know that Vyom will give wife rights to Nimmi, and we have to stop Pari. Sharmili says what shall we do, Pari will know Vyom and Nimmi are staying together. Mama says there is just one way then, Durjeev….. She asks what, you said right, its tough, but we have to do it, if Sujeev becomes Durjeev, Pari can’t go close to him, Vyom will manage Nimmi and Pari both, there is no other way.

Everyone dine in Shanti Sadan. Shanti says its great food. She asks Nandu to give food to Shivam. Nandu goes. Preeti asks Kaushalya why does Nandu has to find home, he can stay as Ghar Jamai, you should be happy that he does servant’s work. Nandu hears this. Kaushalya asks Preeti not to say this.

Nimmi asks Vyom whats this card, why are you doing this, I don’t like this, I know we are married, but I have nothing for you in your heart. He says wait, I just gave card, whats the problem, why are you overreacting. She says yes, there is no problem in giving card. He gives her card again. She takes it and thanks him. She runs from there being tensed.

Shanti taunts Riya and asks Kaushalya to lock kitchen. Nandu helps Kaushalya. Preeti scolds him and asks him to do sweeping too. She says its my bad fate that Nandu is my husband and goes. Kaushalya asks Nandu not to feel bad of her words. Shivam comes and sees Riya. He returns the food plate to Kaushalya saying I m not hungry. He goes back to his room.

Nimmi and Vyom feel awkward to stay in same room. She tries to run and falls. He holds her. Sharmili calls him and asks did he give gift. He says I m about to give gift. She asks him to get close to Nimmi, if Pari knows, we have to bear her drama. Nimmi tries hearing him. She asks him to do this for property. Pari looks on from far and hides. Vyom sees Pari. He asks Nimmi to sleep and he will tell Sharmili to make her stay somewhere. Nimmi says I will stay here, if you have problem, you go. He leaves. Nimmi says whom was he seeing outside.

Kaushalya says what shall I do, and cries thinking of her children. She does not eat food and says Riya did not have food. Shanti and Sarla see Riya and worry on sending her out. Shanti says I m thinking what to do this time. Kaushalya goes and gives food to Riya, saying I know you are hungry, we don’t leave enemies hungry, you are our… relations don’t stay with force, we did not wish to kick you out, but you have ruined my daughters’ lives.

Riya says I did not make Preeti leave, she has run away from her marriage, I went to get her, I did not do anything wrong, I did right. Kaushalya says you did not do right, you did not tell me about Preeti, you are bearing this because of you, no one will accept you now, not even Shivam, understand this. Riya says fine, even then I will fight for my right, I did all this for everyone, I thought for everyone last time, this time I will think about myself, thanks for thinking about me and getting food for me, but when I get hungry, I will take food myself, this house is mine. She returns food. Kaushalya goes.

Riya and Shivam think of each other. Mora piya…..plays………. Shivam and Riya see each other. He goes.

Precap: Shanti asks pandit to show pic, she will decide girl for Shivam. Riya hears this and gets shocked.

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